Big-headed snowman cookies

Big-headed snowman cookies via

I love a snowman with a big head, don’t you? I am not sure if I like them because I think they might tip over or that I imagine them walking like a bobblehead. Whatever it is, a big-headed snowman cookie is just the thing to make me smile today.

Big-Headed Snowman Cookies

Did I forget to mention his big nose? I think that adds a little something to his personality. Or maybe the big nose is the reason for the big head. It is like the question of what came first, the chicken or the egg. We may never know. It doesn’t really matter though because they taste good even if they are a bobble big-headed snowman cookie.

Supplies for Big-Headed Snowman Cookies:

Skull Cookie Cutter Almost any Skull Cutter will work
White Icing
Carrot Royal Icing Transfer – Small Snowman Nose, Large Snowman Nose
Heart Royal Icing Transfer
4 mm Black Edible Pearls
Orange Food Safe Marker
Brown Food Safe Marker or brown gel food color and a paintbrush
Pink Petal Dust

If you are looking for a sugar cookie recipes, here is the one I use and here is the recipe for royal icing.

Simple Big-Headed Snowman Cookies via

Begin by outlining and flood the skull cookies with the white icing.

Easy Big-Headed Snowman Cookies by

While the icing is wet, draw some lines on the carrot nose with an orange food safe marker.

Easy Big-Headed Snowman Cookies via

Tongs really help drop them in the right place. I got these tongs for Christmas and I am really enjoying using them. They make handling little pieces much easier.

Easy Big-Headed Snowman Cookies via

Next, add the 4 mm black edible pearls. You need to work quickly because the icing needs to be wet so they will stay in place.

Big-Headed Snowman Cookies with

I forgot to show the picture but, add the heart next.
Then, paint the arms and mouth with the brown food gel. You can paint when the icing is wet or dry. If you paint the wet icing, it will be a bit darker than if you paint on dry icing, All you have to do is add a small amount of gel to a small amount of water and paint.
Let the cookie dry completely.

Big-Headed Snowman Cookies with

Isn’t he cute?

Big-Headed Snowman Cookies by

Once the icing is dry, add the Pink Petal Dust with a dry cotton swab.

Big-Headed Snowman Cookies by

Shake off the excess.

Simple Little Snowman Cookies via

Like I said before, almost any skull cutter will work to make these. If your skull has ears, stay tuned and I will show you how to decorate them.

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