How to Make Adorable Bigfoot Cookies with a Bunny Cutter

Have you ever made Bigfoot cookies with a bunny cutter? Let me tell you about it because it’s so much fun! They may look challenging, but I promise they’re so simple your kids can make them!

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Supplies for Bigfoot Cookies:
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Cookie Cutters:

  • Almost any bunny head cookie cutter will work.

Royal Icing Colors:

  • Ivory by Americolor- 4 ounces of royal icing + 6 drops of Americolor Ivory. I used an outline and flood consistency to make these cute bigfoot cookies. 
  • Totally Brown by The Cookie Countess- To make this I used SOOTM Consistency (Straight Out Of The Mixer Consistency). In case you want the formula to make it here is what I did: 4 ounces of SOOTM Consistency + 12 Drops of Totally Brown Food Gel Color= a really good brown for bigfoot. 


How to Make Bigfoot Cookies with a Bunny Cutter Video:

Let’s get started!


Bigfoot, Bigfoot Cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, Sugar Cookies, Royal Icing

These cookies are super simple. You can use many different bunny rabbit cookie cutters to make them. So find a cutter and let’s get started.

  • Turn the cookie upside down and pipe three dots (toes) on each foot with the outline consistency of the ivory-colored royal icing. Be sure to leave a little space in between each dot and make the first toe big and work down to the smallest toe. 
  • Let them dry for a bit so when you pipe the rest of the toes they will each be a circle. If you work to fast they will all run together and it won’t look like toes. 
  • Next, use the same icing and outline the feet and the ankles. 
  • Use the outline consistency of brown royal icing and pipe a zig-zag line around the body and attach it to each foot. 
  • Flood the body with the brown flood royal icing consistency.
  • Use the turkey lacer or Thingamagenie to pop any air bubbles and smooth out the icing. 
  • Let it dry before you start to pipe the fur. 

Bigfoot Cookies with a Bunny Cutter and Bare Feet:

Bigfoot Sugar Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Royal Icing, The Bearfoot Baker, Decorated Cookies

  • Flood the feet with the flood consistency of the ivory royal icing. 
  • Let it dry until it forms a crust. 
  • Next, add the fur. You can pipe the fur by using a decorating tip or you can trim the end of the decorating bag off. I’m a bit old school and like total control of my icing so I used a PME tip #2 and I loved the control it gave me. Do whatever works for you! Use a tip or trim the bag. Just have fun while you make these. 
  • You’re almost done so hang in there. 

Funny Bigfoot, Decorated Cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, Royal Icing

  • You can leave the feet as is or you can use The Cookie Countess Totally Brown Food Gel color to add a little shading. I think it makes his feet look dirty. That’s a good thing because everyone knows bigfoot doesn’t wear shoes! 
  • Mix a little vodka with the Totally Brown Food Gel color and paint it on his feet. You can be careful and do just the edges or you can go a little crazy like I did. I think crazy works when you make bigfoot cookies! 

Bigfoot Cookies with a Bunny Cutter:

The Bearfoot Baker, Bigfoot, Sugar Cookies, Royal Icing, Sasquatch cookies, Sasquatch, Bigfoot Cookies, decorated cookies

Well, now you know how to make cute little bigfoot cookies with a bunny cutter. It’s so simple and a great addition to any bigfoot party or cookie platter like this one. In case you want to make the bigfoot cookie in this platter, you can find The Bigfoot Cookie tutorial here. Have fun baking you’ll!

Oh yeah, if you want the bigfoot royal icing transfer pattern I have three different sized patterns for you on The Cookie Network. Go get them!

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