How to Make Simple Bunny Cookies with Video

How to Use One Cookie Cutter to Make Bunny Face Cookies or Cute Little Bunny Tushies with a Video Tutorial | The Bearfoot Baker

I don’t know about you but I have about a million bunny cookie cutters. The last thing I needed to do was to go out and purchase a new one. I guess that deep down in my cookie obsessed mind I did need a new one so I bought the cute little Wilton one with the adorable floppy ear. It had a cute chick and sheep that came with it so I’ll add them to the many sheep and chick cookie cutters I have on hand. But I needed that bunny cookie cutter because its ear is so cute.

You see the floppy little ear set my mind in overdrive and I imagined a cute bunny face, but I got really excited when I thought about flipping the cutter upside down to make a bunny tush. Cute bunny cookies need cute bunny tushies because that what we see when the real bunnies hop away.

How to Make Fun Little Bunny Cookies with a Video Tutorial | The Bearfoot Baker

If you need a cute Easter cupcake, place one of these bunny cookies on top so you have the excuse to eat a cupcake and a cookie. Shucks, you don’t even have to bake the cupcakes if you don’t want them because you can pick some up from your local grocery store. All you have to do is pop a cookie on top and you will have an instant Easter treat that’s perfect and simple. You’ve gotta love that!

Supplies to Make Simple Bunny Cookies:
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Cookie Cutter:

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Simple Bunny Cookies Video:

Enjoy the video.

Of course, every cookie begins with a good sugar cookie and royal icing recipe so if you have one, great. If you need one, I would be honored if you gave mine a try because I think it’s a good recipe that won’t spread that much when you bake your cookies. Here is my sugar cookie recipe and my Full Batch and Half a Batch of Royal Icing Recipe.

Let’s Decorate the Bunny’s Backside

Simple Bunny Cookies with a Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Bake a batch of sugar cookies and cut out that super cute little bunny shape. If you decorate him the way Wilton intended, you will get a face. If you flip it upside down, you will have a cute little bunny tush because the little ear will become one of the feet when it’s turned upside down. That little floppy ear is what totally inspired these cookies.
  • Outline the bunny with the white royal icing.
  • Flood the left foot and the tush area with the white icing and let it dry for about 10-20 minutes
  • Then, flood the oval foot with the white icing.
  • While the icing on the foot is wet, pipe the paws with the pink icing and let it dry for about an hour or so.

Make Simple Bunny Cookies with a Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Pipe the cute little pink bunny tail because let’s face it, the tail is the cutest part.
  • Let the cute little bunny bottoms dry completely.

Let’s Decorate the Bunny Faces

How to Make Bunny Cookies with a Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline and flood the bunny face with the white royal icing.
  • While the icing is wet, pipe the pink on the inside of the ears and use the turkey lacer to help move the icing into place.
  • Next, add the 4 mm black pearl dragees and let the cookies dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Add the cheeks one at a time with the white royal icing. Let the icing dry for about 20 minutes before you add the second cheek. Piping them one at a time will allow the first cheek to crust over and help keep the cheeks separate so they don’t run together and make one big blob.
  • Let the cheeks dry for several hours and add the nose with the pink icing and then let the cookie dry completely.

How to Make Fun Little Bunny Cookies with a Video Tutorial | The Bearfoot Baker

These will make a great gift for teachers and co-workers because they’re so darn cute!

How to Make Cute Bunny Cookies Two Ways with the Same Cookie Cutter with a Video Tutorial | The Bearfoot Baker

If you don’t already have this cutter I think you need it or one like it that has the floppy ear. Okay, maybe it’s my cookie obsession that thinks every cookie decorator in the world needs every cute cookie cutter that’s ever been made. I wish there was a way we could make that happen, but since we can’t, you should go pick out some Easter cookie cutters and have fun decorating.

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