How to Make These Fun Little Camera Cookies

How to Make Cute Retro Camera Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

It’s Friday! I don’t know where in the world the rest of the week went but hooray for Friday! Let’s celebrate today by making a few camera cookies and then go outside and capture the beautiful world this weekend. I’m not going to miss an opportunity to capture the last of the beautiful summer days and these camera cookies are just what I need to make a few sweet memories. I know, I know. I can’t take pictures with a camera cookie but I can pretend can’t I?

How to Make These Fun Little Camera Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Want to hear something funny? This tutorial is all about these camera cookies but, to tell you the truth, the tutorial doesn’t have as many photos as I normally take. You see, things go wrong sometimes. Things like your brain stops working and you forget how much meringue powder you’ve added to your royal icing recipe and then the humidity comes inside and smacks the shine right off the cookies. I don’t know what happened to these poor little guys but I did everything I knew how to do to save them.

Supplies for Camera Cookies:
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Cookie Cutter:
Icing Colors:
  • Gold and Light Gold
  • Pale Green and a Light Pale Green
  • Pink and a Light Pale Pink
  • White
  • Decorating Bags with couplers and bag ties or Decorating Bottles
  • #2 Decorating Tips
  • Airbrush System with your choice of airbrush colors
  • Stencils- I got mine at The Cookie Countess
  • Circle Cookie Cutter for Drawing the Lens on the Camera Body
  • Food Safe Marker
Let’s do this!

How to Make Cute Camera Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline the cookies with whatever color royal icing you want to use because they’re your cookies and you can decorate them any way you want. And because it’s Friday!

How to Make Fun Camera Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Flood the cookies with royal icing and let them dry completely.

How to Make Camera Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Look how dull that royal icing is. WOW! I’ve never in all of my years of decorating had cookies look this dull especially since I followed my normal decorating habits. I placed the cookies in front of a fan to let them dry, but for some reason, the shine wasn’t there. So here is where you get creative. You have a few choices to make as a result of the dullness going on here. You can stop decorating now and share the unfinished cookies with your friends or you can grab your airbrush gun and try to dress up the dull little camera cookies. I chose to spray them with Wendy. In case you don’t know Wendy is my airbrush gun. Don’t give up because Wendy is like your favorite hairdresser and can work miracles.

  • Once the royal icing on the cookies is dry, grab a circle cookie cutter and trace it on the camera body with a food-safe marker.

How to Make These Fun Camera Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Grab your airbrush system and some stencils so we can get to work.

How to Make Fun Little Camera Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • You can cover your entire cookie with an airbrush color which will make them look nice and shiny but, I choose to add the pattern to the dull cookies for a nice retro look. If you want a retro look don’t dry your cookies in front of a fan. Just decorate them and let them dry naturally and they will not dry shiny. At least that’s how it works in my humid climate. I think I’m going to use the retro look more because it’s fun!
  • Add the lens with the lighter matching color and make a little heart for more camera cookie cuteness.
  • Let them dry completely.

How to Make These Fun Little Camera Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

I can’t believe this is the first tutorial I’ve shared with you this week. Where does the time go? It doesn’t have to slip away from you because you can capture your sweet memories with these cute little cookies. Now go outside and play this weekend while you have a little fun eating camera cookies!

Bear hugs,