Candy Buttons – Candy Corn Style

Did you ever receive candy buttons for Halloween when you were a kid? I did and let me tell you, they were wonderful! If they were different colors, I would eat all of the pink first then, move onto the next color. I could never eat random colors. I had to finish one before I would allow myself to eat the next. Now that I am older, I just make my own. I love to use royal icing to make different shapes like these candy corn candy buttons. Aren’t they cute?

Candy Corn Candy Buttons

I know it is getting close to Halloween but, there is plenty of time to make these for your little trick or treaters. They will love them!

 Supplies for Candy Corn Candy Buttons:

White, orange, and yellow 15 Second Icing in piping bags fitted with #2 tips
Treat Bags– I get mine at Hobby Lobby
Freezer Paper cut a tiny bit smaller than your treat bags
Small Candy Corn Template– Reduce 75%
Large Candy Corn Template (This size candy corn is not used in this post but, I thought you might want it.)

Candy Corn Candy Buttons

  • Begin by printing off the small candy corn template from the supply list. Reduce it to 75% and it will be the perfect size for the candy buttons.
  • Next, Cut the templates to a size that will fit in your treat bag.
  • Then, place the template on an upsidedown on baking sheet and place a piece of cut freezer paper on it. Place some magnets in the corners to hold everything in place.
  • Pipe the tops white and the bottom yellow and let it dry overnight.

Candy Corn Candy Buttons

Once the-the tops and bottoms have dried completely, pipe the centers orange.

Candy Corn Candy Buttons

Let them dry completely. Then, place them in the treat bags.

Candy Corn Candy Buttons

I made a little topper for the bags on PicMonkey. The printer was out of ink so I had to make a very simple one. I think it works!

If you want to make candy buttons, why stop at dots and candy corns? You can make spiders, pumpkins, bats or whatever you can think of. Just find a pattern and make it the size you want. Who knows. It might become your child’s favorite Halloween treat!

Bear hugs,