The Happiest Little Candy Corn Cookies

This is a story about “The Happiest Little Candy Corn.” You see like all kids, candy corn kids can be different. There was one little candy corn who was always happy no matter what happened. He looks at life with a really good attitude. If he was driving down the road and got a flat tire, he would smile and say, “That’s ok because I wanted to try my new jack!” If someone cut in front of him in a check-out line he would say, “Go ahead. I am not in a hurry.”

Candy Corn Cookies

No matter what happened, the happiest little candy corn cookie always looked at life with a happy heart. Now his wife, on the other hand, would get stressed if they were on their way to dinner and halfway there she couldn’t remember if she turned off the coffee pot. But, the happiest little candy corn would just smile and say, “Let’s get our order to go and we can have a picnic at home.”

Supplies for Candy Corn Cookies:
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Royal Icing Transfer Eyes and Templates
Black Outline Icing (#1 tip)
Yellow, White, and Orange 15 Second Icing

Candy Corn Cookies

  • First, outline the top with white and flood immediately.
  • Then, outline the bottom with yellow and flood immediately. Let this dry overnight to prevent bleeding when you add the orange.

Candy Corn Cookies

  • Next, flood the center section of the candy corn cookie orange.

  • While the orange is wet, add the Royal Icing Transfer Eyes and let them dry for about 30 minutes.
  • Then, add the arms, mouths, and eyebrows.

Candy Corn Cookies

The past couple of days I have been the grumpy little candy corn and the complains-a-lot candy corn. I don’t know why but, I’ve been in a  “the glass is half empty and DIRTY” kinda mood. As I watched my husband walk around with the happy little candy corn attitude it made me realize I needed to get over it! Whatever “it” was is not going to suck the fun out of my day. I don’t want to stress over the little things that I can’t control. I want to look at life and enjoy every situation even if it isn’t perfect.

These little candy corn cookies are a great reminder for me not to be grumpy and complain about the things that don’t matter. If you’d like to see another candy corn cookie here are some Simple Candy Corn Cookies to make. Hope you have a happy day;)

Happy Creating,