Look! How to Make Simple Candy Decoration Glasses

I don’t know about you, but when cute royal icing transfers are added to cookies I think it makes a huge difference in the cuteness factor. I love fun little flowers or simple candy decoration glasses to add personality to your cookie characters. The great thing about royal icing flowers and candy decorations is you can make them yourself. Customizing your cookies is cheap, easy, and fun. It’s a great way to use your leftover royal icing. No waste!

If you don’t know how to get started this tutorial and video will show you how to make cute decorations for your cookies. Adding a little character to your cookies is simple and it’s cheap. You can make almost anything you want. Don’t wait…let’s create!

How to Make Simple Candy Decoration Glasses | The Bearfoot Baker

First things first let get the supplies we need to make these cute eyeglasses. Now the secret (not really a secret at all) to candy decoration is the wax paper or parchment paper. I prefer using wax paper because it’s easier to remove the royal icing candy once it’s dried. Some people use parchment paper and don’t have any issues when removing the candy. You’ll need to play with both and see what works best for you. I think our humidity has something to do with how the royal icing let’s go of the paper and may help you decide which you need to use for your transfers.

You may notice I call the decorations ‘candy decorations’ or ‘royal icing transfers.’ When I first started making them years ago they were called royal icing transfers. Wilton calls them candy decorations. The main thing for me is I want people to know what we’re making so I use both names.

Supplies to Make Simple Candy Decorations that Look Like Glasses:

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Royal Icing Color:

  • Black food gel color


  • A piece of foam board cut slightly larger than a piece of paper.
  • Wax paper
  • Tape to hold the patter and wax paper on the foam board. I like painters tape because it will let go of the wax paper without breaking the royal icing transfers.  It’ll also let go of the pattern so you can use it over and over.
  • Turkey Lacer
  • Bench Scraper to help remove the eyeglasses once they dry.
  • Scissors to cut the wax paper into strips so you can remove the candy decoration glasses easy.

Free Candy Decoration Patterns:

Make Simple Candy Decorations that Look Like Glasses Video:

Enjoy the video!

Prepare the Pattern:

Look! How to Make Fun Candy Decoration Glasses | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Begin by making a batch of royal icing and let it rest covered overnight. This will help the air bubbles rise to the surface so you can pop them before you decorate.
  • Next, mix the black royal icing.
  • Print the patterns and tape them to the cut foam board.
  • Cut a piece of wax paper to fit over the pattern.

Time to Make the Glasses:

How to Make Fun Candy Decoration Glasses | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Tape the wax paper to the foam board. Make sure that the wax paper is flat and doesn’t have wrinkles or that will show in your candy decorations.
  • Now it’s time for the fun part! It’s time to make the candy decoration glasses.
  • I used a tipless piping bag and cut a very small piece off the end. Pipe the glasses and use the turkey lacer to help smooth it out and pop any air bubbles that are in the icing.

Remove the Royal Icing Transfers from the Wax Paper:

Look! How to Make Easy Candy Decoration Glasses | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Let the glasses dry overnight. The icing needs to be completely dry before you try to remove them from the wax paper or the candy decoration glasses will break and be a mess!
  • To remove the glasses I usually cut the wax paper into strips. This makes it more manageable for removal.
  • Take a strip and place it on the bench scraper.
  • Fold a piece of the paper over the edge and slowly begin to pull.
  • This will push the royal icing transfer over the edge without being attached to the paper.

I love this method of removal. It’s kind of cool to watch the paper disappear and the transfer let go so it’s ready to use for your cookie decorating. Cool right!

How to Store Your Transfers:

To me the hardest thing about these eyeglasses is storage. They need to lay flat and they don’t need any weight on top of them.

  • I place them in an airtight container, but first I place a piece of cardstock paper on the bottom so the container if flat and the transfers won’t break.
  • Then, place a piece of parchment paper on the cardstock. The parchment paper is food safe and great to use with candy decorations that are delicate.
  • Next, place the candy decoration glasses on the parchment.
  • Now you should be able to repeat those steps for storage.
  • Be careful and don’t shake this container because these glasses are delicate. They’ll break. As a matter of fact, look at the broken ones in the first image. There’s one at the top and two at the bottom that I broke after I removed them from the wax paper. Oops!

I hope your cute little cookies will be able to see now that you’ve made them some fun candy decoration glasses. I plan on using these very soon in a few cookie designs. The glasses will really make the cookies happy because they’ll be able to see the world as we do.

How to Make Cute Candy Decoration Glasses | The Bearfoot Baker

Okay, now that we’ve talked about how to add some fun to your decorated cookies, let’s make a decision together. Which name do you like better? Royal icing transfers or candy decorations? Leave a comment below and let me know what these cute little candy decorations should be named. I’d like to know so you can find the tutorials and free patterns I’m making for you. Let’s give our cookies a little character because it’s cheap and fun!


  • This is a good summer project to do with the kids on rainy days and it will help you with your fall and Christmas cookie decorating. Give the kiddos some wax paper, a piece of foam board, tape, and a pattern and let them help you give your cookies character. You’ll be surprised at how much they love helping.
  • If you make candy decorations be sure to make extra. Some will break before you use them, but that’s just part of cookie life.

If you’re looking for more cookies with glasses check out these chocolate chip cookies Sweet Sugarbelle made. They’re so cute!

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