Cauldron Cookies for Halloween

Double, double toil and trouble! Those words scared me silly when I read Shakespeare’s Macbeth in high school. I imagine the witches stirring up lizard’s eyeballs with bat tails and it creeps me out. I thought I would overcome my fears this year by making cauldron cookies. After all, royal icing eyes are better than lizard eyes.

Cauldron Cookies via thebearfootbaker.comI didn’t want to make cauldron cookies with black icing since black can have a bitter taste to it. I wanted it to have details in the pot and in the oozy continence so I grabbed the airbrush gun. It made these cookies a piece of cake.

Supplies for Cauldron Cookies: 

Brown icing with a #2 tip (I added a little sky blue and yellow to make it have a greenish tint to it.)
Electric Green Icing with a #2 tip
Darker green icing with a #2 tip
Royal Icing Eyes
Airbrush gun
Airbrush Colors-Black and Warm Brown

Simple Cauldron Cookies via

  • Outline the cauldron cookie with the brown icing.
  • Then, flood one side and let it dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Next, flood the other side and let it dry for at least 30 minutes. Easy Cauldron Cookies via
  •  With the airbrush gun and black airbrush color, spray the crack in the pot. For information on airbrushing, click here or here for a video
  • Next, spray the edge of the cookie black.
  • Then, spray the area around the ooze with black.

Cauldron Cookies with

  • Then, pipe the electric green icing and make it look like the concoction is dripping over the edge of the cauldron.
  • While it is wet, and a little dark green and brown icing.

Cauldron Cookies by thebearfootbaker.comWhile the icing is wet, swirl it together but, be careful not to over mix it.

Simple Cauldron Cookies with thebearfootbaker.comWhile the icing is wet, airbrush the ooze with brown airbrush color. You need to work fast so you can add the eyes before the icing dries. If you aren’t careful, the icing will crack and look kinda weird. (Yes, I did that and didn’t like it one little bit! :/  )

Easy Cauldron Cookies with thebearfootbaker.comWhile, you have the brown loaded in your airbrush gun, lightly spray the cauldron to make it shine and to blend the black airbrush color you added earlier.

Simple Cauldron Cookies for Halloween by thebearfootbaker.comDon’t you just love the ooze and the eyes? I do and I am not afraid of the double, double toil and trouble anymore. I might just read Macbeth again.

 Bear hugs,