Chocolate Chip Cookies for April Fool’s Day

I love playing practical jokes. I also get myself into trouble sometimes so I don’t do them very often. But, next week is April Fool’s Day! A green light for me to play as many tricks as I want like this one:

I might take these to work with me so my coworkers (Josh) will try to eat them! He eats everything so this is a good prank for him because these are NOT real!! They are made with Sculpey! I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he tries to sneak a bite! I am going to be so happy with myself! Hehehehe! Want to make some for your coworkers or kids? Can’t you just see their little shocked faces and “MOM!!” I love it:)

Light Brown Sculpey
Dark Brown Sculpey
Dark Brown
Light Brown
Old Toothbrush and a little water

It all starts with this! I love this stuff but don’t get to play with it that often. Another reason to love April Fool’s Day.

To make the fake cookies, start by cutting the light brown Sculpey in half.

Then, roll them into balls.

Next, cut off one section of the dark brown Sculpey and cut it into small rectangles. Then, cut the rectangles into chocolate chip sized pieces.

Now that you have the chips, you need to flatten the light brown ball Sculpey into cookie shapes.

I used the end of an old paintbrush to make some holes where I wanted to place the chocolate chips. But once I did that I though of something better.

See the cookie in the back? I placed the chips on them before I made the holes so I could see how it was going to look. I also made some deep holes so I could push some chips into the dough like a real cookie. See the difference in the 2 cookies? The one I am working on is starting to look like it will fool Josh:)

Now they are ready to bake. For this, you need to follow the directions on the Sculpey package.

I used the paint I already had and you can get this at your local craft store or at Wal-Mart. I also decided to add white paint after I took this picture.

I really didn’t paint these. I just used an old toothbrush to spatter some paint on them.

Begin by dipping the toothbrush into the water and dabbing off the excesses.

Then, dip the toothbrush into the white paint and rub your thumb across the bristles. It will flip little specks of paint all over the place so be sure to do this outside or protect your work surface. Then, aim for the cookies and have fun!

Repeat using the other two colors.

If I can’t fool them with the cookies, maybe I can fool them with Styrofoam brownies!

I got some Styrofoam at my local craft store and cut it into squares.

Then, paint the top, bottom and sides with the dark brown color and let it dry.Then, apply a second coat to prevent it from looking like a piece of brown Styrofoam. It took me 2 coats of paint to cover but I applied thick layers.

This picture has no purpose except to show you how much fun I had! Seriously, look at that work surface and imagine the evil grin I had on my face while making these!!! (Insert Dr. Evil laugh here)

While the second coat is still wet, dip your dirty bark brown brush into the lighter brown paint and paint the top of the brownies only. The reason you do this step is because when brownies dry the top dries out a little and makes it a shade or two lighter.

I am feeling really happy with myself right now because I want to play an April Fool’s trick on someone really bad! Hehehehe

Happy Prank-ing,