Christmas Wreath Cookies- Red and White

What can you make with one cookie cutter and 2 colors of icing? You can make a platter full of cookies and shape it to make a stack of Christmas wreath cookies. I love this idea for a party favors table.
Christmas Wreath Cookies via www.thebearfootbaker.comSometimes I like packing cookies for favors but, the holidays are so hectic why not make life a little easier on yourself and let your guest bag their own party favors. Set out some cute little bags and bakers twine and let your guest make their own cookie favor bag. Be sure to hole punch the bags and cut the twine before your guests arrive so everything will so smoothly.

Supplies for Christmas Wreath Cookies:

Gum Leaf Cutter (there are 35 cookies in this platter)
Red 15 second icing
White 15 second icing
Cookie bow (tutorial later tonight)

The gum leaf cutter was a gift from Mandy and Rebecca. They gave it to me at Cookie Con last year and it can be made into a million things like this Turkey Platter by Sweet Sugar Belle. Thanks for this awesome cutter ladies! You all are very sweet!!

Christmas Wreath Cookies with www.thebearfootbaker.comOutline and flood with red icing. While the icing is wet, make some white stripes. Try to space them the same distance apart so the final design will look nice. Simple Christmas Wreath Cookies www.thebearfootbaker.comWith a turkey lacer, Boo Boo stick or a good old toothpick, start at the top of the cookie in the center and pull the icing towards the tip of the cookie. Repeat on the left and right of the first line.

This technique is called wet on wet which means, wet icing on wet icing. If you look closely, you will see the top of the cookie isn’t beautiful. I was a little slow setting the camera and my icing got a little crusty on me. It isn’t ugly but, if you wait too long to pull the icing, then your cookie will not be as beautiful as you want it to be. So work fast!

Easy Christmas Wreath Cookies with thebearfootbaker.comOnce all the cookies are dry and ready to be placed on their platter, put some plastic wrap around the edge of the platter to stack the cookies on. This will help the cookies stay in place and not fall. My sweet friend Maryann aka The Cookie Artisan shared this tip with us and it is brilliant! Thank you Maryann!!

Super Cute Christmas Wreath Cookies via thebearfootbaker.comThis platter is cute, simple to decorate and what could be simpler than your guest packing their own party favors. What more could you want from a cookie platter? Tis the season to simplify

I was invited to a Red and White CHristmas Blog hop and you have to see all the amazing things some of my favorite bloggers made. You will find crafts, recipes, decorations and party ideas. You should check it out. They will give you ideas to help end your Christmas season with style!

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