How to Make a Coconut Bowl

Have you ever made a coconut bowl? I’ve always wanted to be one of those cool hostesses that had a fun ice cream party and served the ice cream in a fun cute little coconut bowl. The only problem is I was afraid to try to make them. Isn’t that silly? They’re easy to make and a fun little conversation starter. Let’s make some!

How to Make A Coconut Bowl | The Bearfoot Baker

Supplies for Making a Coconut Bowl:
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First, you’ll need a coconut
Meat Cleaver
Bowl to catch the coconut water

That’s it! That is all you need to make a cute little coconut bowl. Just a little piece of advice, be careful and keep your hands out of the way. As you read this tutorial and watch the video notice where my hand is that is holding the coconut. It’s on the underside so I don’t accidentally hit one of my fingers or thumb with the meat cleaver. If we hit our fingers, this a really sad project! Keep your fingers and keep the fun!

Make a Simple Coconut Bowl | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Find a coconut you’d like to make into a bowl.
  • Grab the meat cleaver.

Make A Fun Coconut Bowl | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Hold the coconut over the bowl and use the back (let me repeat that) use the back of the knife to hit the coconut.

If you use a hammer to hit the coconut it will break the coconut, but using the back of the meat cleaver gives you more control on how and where you break it. It will be a cleaner line. To me, the meat cleaver is like using an ax.

How to Make a Simple Fun Coconut Bowl | The Bearfoot Baker

  • All you need to do is hit the coconut with the back of the meat cleaver, rotate the coconut, and hit it in the same-ish area you hit it before.
  • Rotate it and repeat.

DIY Coconut Bowl | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Keep rotating and hitting it until it cracks.
  • When it cracks the water will fall out and land in the bowl.
  • You may need to hit if a few more times before it’s ready to be pulled apart.

Make An Easy Coconut Bowl | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Pull the coconut apart and you have two bowls!

How to Make A Coconut Bowl Video:

Remember to watch where my hand is placed while holding the coconut. Be careful and use the back of the knife and keep your fingers out of reach. Then, eat ice cream!

How to Make A Coconut Bowl | The Bearfoot Baker

Wasn’t that fun! Now I can be one of those hostesses that can serve ice cream out of a coconut bowl. This is so exciting! Come on over and let’s make some fun coconut bowls, eat some ice cream and listen to some beach music. It will be our version of a mini beach vacation!

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