Cute Pumpkin Cookies

It is Fall. Autumn is amazing. The weather it a little cooler, the leaves are starting to change colors and the sun sleeps a little later and goes to bed a little early each night. When fall arrives, it does something to me. I am alert, full of energy and I become a madwoman in the kitchen. I bake and cook anything and everything I can get my hands on. I don’t make dinner for one night, I make dinner for three nights. I can’t make just one cute pumpkin cookie, I have to make several cute pumpkin cookies with ever pumpkin cutter I own.

Cute Pumpkin Cookies for Fall - Simple Sugar Cookies with Royal icing

I even use cutters that are just pumpkin shaped. I grab any cutter that I think can be made into a cute pumpkin cookie. The fall frenzy drives me to bake and look at things with a creative eye. Do you see the white pumpkin? It is made with a bell pepper cookie cutter. The purple one is made with an apple cutter. I am sure you can look at your cutters and find unique cutters that will make great pumpkin cookies.

Supplies for Cute Pumpkin Cookies:
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Pumpkin Cookie Cutters
Any Color of icing you want
Brown icing for the stem
Cookie Recipe
Half a batch of Royal Icing Recipe

Pumpkin cookies are great for people who are starting the cookie decorating journey. Cute pumpkin cookies can be decorated by outlining and flood the body or making sections to give the pumpkin some dimension. They are great for practicing your piping skills. Even though they are simple, they are adorable. They make great gifts for teachers, co-workers, postal workers, your doctor, dentist or vet. Seriously, people will light up like a Christmas tree when you hand them pumpkins. Don’t wait until a holiday to spread some cheer, give them a box of simple pumpkin cookies and make someone’s day a little brighter just because it is fall.

Cute Pumpkin Cookies for Fall - Simple Sugar Cookies with Royal icing via

  • Begin by piping the stems brown. I airbrush a little warm brown color on the right side and the bottom of the stems but, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
  • Then, outline the pumpkin body in three sections.
  • Flood the outer two sections and let the cookies dry for about 20 minutes to allow the top of the icing to firm up. If you want your icing to dry with a bit of a shine, place them in front of a fan while drying.
  • Next, flood the center section and allow them to dry completely or overnight.

Cute Pumpkin Cookies for Fall - Simple Sugar Cookies with Royal icing

Then, box or bag them and spread some cheer.

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