Daisy Cookies With a Rose Tip

My daughter loves daisies. They are her favorite flower and I can see why. They are beautiful! In the movie “You’ve Got Mail,” Meg Ryan said daisies are the friendliest flowers and Madison and I agree! I am going to show you how to make cute daisy cookies that are really fast and simple. You won’t believe how EASY they are to make!! I love the color brown. I wasn’t sure how these were going to turn out but I am really happy with them.


Your favorite cookies outlined and based with your favorite colors

Thick White Outline icing in a bag with a Rose Tip

Rose Tip # 102

Outline colors for borders and daisy centers

First, outline your cookie with whatever background color you want. This time I want blue:)

Next, flood your cookie and let them dry overnight.

Now, with your thick white outline icing, hold the fat side of the rose tip away from you. Hold it slightly above the cookie and apply a little pressure and let the icing build up a little without moving the tip.

Then, gradually begin to pull the bag toward you as you continue to apply pressure. As you get close to the edge of the cookie, gently decrease the pressure until you reach the edge.

Make as may petals as you want using the same steps. You can do a full daisy in the center or just make some on the edges like I did.

Next, with your yellow icing, pipe a few dots in the center of each flower.

I added a second layer of petals to these. It still needed something so I added a few dots and a border.

I like the double petals on the green too.

But these are my favorite!! I love the white flower with the brown background.  Hope you like them too:)

Happy Creating,