Dinosaur Cookie for Caleb

Happy Birthday Caleb! I have a little friend who has a birthday today and he loves dinosaurs. He lives in Texas and I have only talked to him on the phone but, when I do, he tells me just about everything there is to know about dinosaurs. I seriously think he was a consultant for the Jurassic Park Movies. If not, those Hollywood people should have called him because this kid seriously knows dinosaurs! I wanted to make cookies as Dynamite as he is so this is what I did.

I hope you like them Caleb! I think YOU are DINOMITE!!

These cookies are a perfect example of keeping things simple and still having a unique set of cookies. I kept the dinosaurs, balloons and hats simple but wanted something more bold than a plaque that said happy birthday. I think the “Dinomite” did the trick.

Supplies for the Dinomite Sign:
Green Flood Icing
White Flood Icing
Air Brush Gun
If you don’t have an air brush gun you can use these. You have more control with an air brush gun but, if you are careful, you can make these work. You will have to have a very light touch when you spray so practice on parchment paper until you get the feel of it.

For the “D”, I used my letter “D” cutter and a dino cutter. I got the Alphabet Set here and I can’t remember where I got the dinosaur but, they are very common. I used a Stegosaurus.

  1. First, I rolled out the dough and cut out the dinosaur.
  2. Then, I cut out the “D.”
  3. I placed the “D” cutter on top of  the dinosaur. I only wanted a little bit of the dinosaur back to attach to the front of the “D” so I placed the cutter on the dinosaur and carefully positioned it before I made my cut.
  4. Then I pieced the letter and the back of the dinosaur together on the baking sheet. Doing it this way helped them fit together. I did the same thing for the letter “E” but put the dinosaur back on the solid side of the “E “.
  5. Bake and get ready to decorate.

First, outline and flood the dino back with green and let it dry for about an hour. You want to make sure it is dry enough so when you spray, the air won’t dent the icing. Yes, I found that out the hard way;)

Then, air brush the dinosaur back.
For Air Brush 101 click here.
I had the air brush on medium and I held the gun about and 2 inches away from the cookie and gently pulled the trigger. I did practice on a piece of parchment paper first until I got comfortable with it.

Next, with your green icing, flood the “D” and let it dry for about and hour.

Then, spray the edges of the letter with green while holding the air brush gun about 2 inches away from the letters.

Repeat these steps for the letter “E.”


Outline and flood all the other letters with the green icing. Let the dry for about an hour and then air burs the edges with the gun about 2 inches away from the cookie.

For the bones, outline and flood them with the white icing. Let it dry for about an hour.

Then, air brush the edges with brown with the air brush gun about 2 inches away from the cookie.

Then, hold the air brush gun about 12 inches over the cookie and lightly sprayed to get the “dirty” effect. It will lightly speckle your bone so you won’t have a hard brown edge with a white center. It looks better blended.

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Happy Birthday Caleb! Hope you have a DINOMITE Day!!

Happy Creating,