Don’t Pinch me!

I am the person who gets pinched to death on St. Patrick’s Day! I forget to wear green so my colors for that week are black and blue. Well, last year I decided enough is enough so, I am making cookies to hand out. I will pass them out to people who promise not to pinch me. By the time I realize it is St. Patrick’s Day I will be completely dressed, and late, so I won’t have time to change unless I make my husband mad. I don’t want to make my husband mad but I will not remember to wear green. So what is a girl to do? Make cookies of course!

So, if I forget to wear green I will pass out green clothes cookies.

The Tie:

I am going to share a lot with you today so I am going to be as efficient as I can be.

  • You will need a tie cookie, a Royal Icing Shamrock, and green Fifteen Second Icing.
  • Outline the tie.
  • Flood the bottom of the tie.
  • Add a Royal Icing Shamrock.
  • Stop and admire how easy it was to put a shamrock on your tie:)
  • Flood the knot and let it dry. When it is dry you can outline it if you want or you can leave it like it is.

The Dress: 


  • For the dress you will need a dress cookie, white Fifteen Second Icing, green Fifteen Second Icing, Sour Apple Disco Dust, a Royal Icing Shamrock or a ribbon rose (here is Ali Bee’s Bake Shop Tutorial or SweetSugarBelle’s Tutorial).
  • Outline and flood the belt of the dress.
  • Cover the entire belt in Disco Dust. Don’t decorate the dress first. The Disco Dust will get all over everything. It is best if you make the dress in this order.
  • Shake off the Disco Dust and place leftover back into the container. You can use it again later. Next, put a little green icing onto the back of the ribbon rose or the Royal Icing Shamrock and place it onto the belt.
  • Outline the top of the dress with the white icing.
  • Flood the top of the dress.
  • Outline the pleats of the dress.
  • Flood every other pleat but be careful not to flood so much that it goes over the outline. You want to wait just a minute or two before you move to the next step.
  • Flood the rest of the dress and pleats. You want the pleats to have some definition but, if you wait too long, you won’t be able to blend the icing.

The Jacket:

To make the jacket you will need Fifteen Second light green icing, Fifteen Second dark green icing, a Shamrock Royal Icing Transfer and a Boo Boo Stick or at toothpick.

  • Outline the jacket with dark green icing. Then, flood the lapel with light green icing.
  • Add your shamrock royal icing transfer.
  • Flood both sleeves and one side of the jacket. Let that dry for 20-30 minutes.
  • Flood the other side of the jacket and use the Boo Boo stick or toothpick to get the icing into the corners.
  • This step is easy so don’t get nervous. Make a thick dark green line at the top of the collar. Next, make the white shirt. It almost looks like the top of the heart. Then, with the dark green icing make a tie. If you look close, it is a dot then you just fill the rest. Add some little light green dots and you are done!
  • Well, I can’t let you pass these out without a Cookie Bag Topper now, can I? NO! So if you click here you can print it and package your cookies so you don’t get PINCHED!!!!!!!

I have another cookie with a Royal Icing Shamrock and it is my favorite so be sure to come back this week!

Bear hugs,