Episode #22 Bouncer the Big Brain Tumor

Episode #22 Bouncer the Big Brain Tumor:

Episode #22 Bouncer the Big Bad Brain Tumor

Episode #22 Bouncer the Big Brain Tumor:

Okay, the podcast will tell you several things about how I ended up having brain surgery to have a massive tumor the size of a tennis ball removed from my brain. Let’s just say the last two years I’ve been pretty sick. I did visit my doctor but I ended up leaving his office with prescriptions that I never filled because whatever they were I knew they wouldn’t help.

Well, I didn’t see my mom or my mother-in-law on Christmas because I was too sick to sit in the car and ride there. I had been losing weight and couldn’t eat anything. The last week of February I was so sick I thought I was going to die. I’m not joking. I was on the couch and praying Alan would come home from work and help me. When he arrived God gave me the strength to sit up to talk to him. I told him we had to find someone to help me because there was something very, very wrong with me. He immediately got online and called a doctor some people told him about and her staff scheduled me for an appointment on March 4th. They also said we needed to plan on spending an hour with her because she was going to examine me and talk to me about my issues. I honestly have never had a doctor spend an hour with me so I’ll be honest, I didn’t believe it. Guess what? She spent one hour and fifteen minutes with me. I was shocked! And blessed because she asked the questions I wanted to talk about so she could figure out what my body was going through.

I have a thyroid issue and I thought that could be the problem but boy was I wrong! My new doctor ordered lab work to check my levels but she also told me she wanted to order an MRI. I’m claustrophobic but I didn’t care. I needed the MRI so her office was going to arrange all the details and call us to let us know when the appointment was. They called and told me that Monday, March 11th at 11: oo I needed to go to Knoxville for the appointment. Perfect. I was finally going to find out why I was so sick.

During the MRI the medical team that was running it saw something so they stopped the procedure and told me they needed to add contrast. When the contrast is injected into the body it improves the quality of the MRI images. The contrast is called gadolinium and some people are allergic so I requested they get Alan because I wanted to speak to him before that happened. They found Alan in the lobby and brought him to my room so I could see him. No big deal. I just wanted to see him in case I had a reaction to the contrast so we continued the MRI. I did it! I got through it without having a meltdown. We went home and I got sick again. UGH!

Then my new doctor called and told me the results of my lab work. It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t great either. She adjusted my prescription for my thyroid issue and she prescribed vitamins and informed me I needed to start them soon. Alan and I went to a local pharmacy and got them. Thank goodness I felt good enough to go. It was like going to a resort because it had been so long since I’d been out of the house. We found the vitamins and they buy one get one free. That was a nice bonus!

Next, the big phone call came. I was in the living room on the couch sick and couldn’t get up so Alan answered my phone. I could tell he was focused on what he was saying and I could tell the other person on the phone shared that focus. It was the day after my MRI and my doctor called to tell us I had a massive tumor and needed to see the neurosurgeon immediately. We needed to be at the office in one hour and we lived an hour and fifteen minutes away.

Once we got to the office I met the nicest doctor, staff, and nurses ever. They explained how I needed surgery and it needed to happen Tuesday. I finally knew what was wrong with me. It felt good to know that there was something and people were willing to take care of me. So Tuesday at 5:30 am I was at UT hospital and at 5:39 they were preparing me for surgery.

Surgery went well. I woke up pain-free, I have my vision back, and I remember things without asking the same question three or four times in a row.

Then I felt something. I felt YOU ALL! I felt you praying for me. My daughter and son read me Facebook messages, Instagram messages, and texts messages. They told me how much money was being donated on the Go Fund Me page and I was overwhelmed! You know I didn’t cry because I had a brain tumor. I cried because of how much love I felt from you! I had no idea that so many people knew my blog or me. You all are the reason I’m healing so well. You’re the reason my recovery is going so well. You’re the reason I can look at the hospital bills and know that everything will be alright. It’s you. You’re the angles that have lifted me and carried me through this. Thank you! For some reason, the words thank you don’t seem like enough. I want to give you all bear hugs and share a cookie with you. I want to show you how much you mean to me because you showed me so much love that I’ve had a pain-free recovery.

I still feel the love you’re sending me. I still feel the prayers you’re praying for me. I still feel the speedy recovery taking place and it’s because of you. Thank you! Please keep praying. I go back to the doctor tomorrow to have my 2-week follow-up appointment. I will also have another MRI in six months to make sure “Bouncer” the Big Brain Tumor doesn’t come back. I have to admit, for the past few days, I’ve been working on this podcast. It’s been 2 weeks and one day since my surgery. I haven’t felt this good in years! That’s because “Bouncer” has been growing in my brain for the last five to ten years. Now he’s gone and God is showing me what to do with my life. He showed me before but because of your love, I see things very clearly. I’m going to do what He wants me to do and the first thing is to tell you how you’ve blessed me. You’ve blessed me more than any of us will ever know!

The second thing we all need to do is continue to show this love to others. Who knew having Cookie Camp with a few people I knew online would lead to such a strong, kind, loving community? Not me. I thought it would be a fun weekend. Nope. It was a weekend that changed my life and showed me how much love is in this world. Again, it’s because of you. Thank you!

I’m getting a few tears now so I’m going to share a few pictures of my family with you. Then, I’m going to have a talk with God and tell him again and again how thankful, grateful, and blessed I am because of you. I love you all and you’ll never know how much you have touched my heart and my life! God bless you all!

Chase cutting his mom's chicken | The Bearfoot Baker

This is my oldest son Chase cutting my chicken so I can eat it. The first meal I’d had in weeks. UT has good hospital food! Thanks, Chase for the help!

Tylor Making His Mom Chicken and Dumplings | The Bearfoot Baker

When I woke up from surgery I asked Tylor, my other son, to make me chicken and dumplings. He said he’d make them and we’d eat them. Well, thanks to the drugs I was under I told him I didn’t want to eat them. I just wanted to watch him to make them! Well, he made them when I got home and we all ate them. This guy can cook! Thanks Tylor!

Madison in her Bouncer Band | The Bearfoot Baker

This is my daughter Madison. She is smart, beautiful, and can do anything in this world! She is wearing a “Bouncer” Band! I didn’t know that I had to have my head covered every time I go outside for the next two years but the doctor said the sun could cause my incision damage so I bought some super cute headbands from Amazon. Once Madison saw them she made a purchase herself. Then, she sent me a text telling me she is wearing her “Bouncer” Band! Made me very happy!

bobbimscott named the headbands “Bouncer” Bands and I love it! My mom and daughter-in-law even ordered some! Thanks bobbimscott for the cool name for them!Alan Tylor and his wife Heather Madison and Me | The Bearfoot Baker

Heres the gang with “Bouncer” Bands! Alan, Tylor, Heather, Madison and me! I love headbands!

Anne Chase Brooke and Tripp at the Georgia Aquarium | The Bearfoot Baker

This is Anne, Chase, Brooke, and Tripp. They’re at the Georgia Aquarium today and they’re sending me pictures. It makes me feel like I’m there with them! Thanks for sharing the pictures with me guys. I love the dolphin video!

These are my grandkids, Tripp and Brooke! Thanks for the wonderful picture of you! You both are awesome kids!!!!!!

Episode #22 Bouncer the Big Brain Tumor:

Now don’t look any lower if you don’t want to see the size of “Bouncer.” I’m going to share an image with you on how big he was and an image on the CT Scan 5 hours after he was removed. Then, I’ll let you know what the doctor says tomorrow. So if you’re brave, scroll down and say #byebyeBouncer!

Bouncer the Brain Tumor

This is “Bouncer” and he was the size of a tennis ball. #byebyebouncer!


This is the CT Scan that was taken 5 hours after the doctor bounced “Bouncer” out of my head! See the dark area where “Bouncer” lived? It will take about three months for my brain to move back. I’m not driving any time soon and I’ll wear my “Bouncer” Bands for the next two years. I’ll let you know what the doctor says after my appointment tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the prayers, love, hugs, donations, and kindness you’ve given me. I feel and it’s helping me recover. I hope to start making cookies Monday or Tuesday. Won’t that be awesome? Making cookies three weeks after surgery! It’s because of YOU!!!!!! Thank you! I love you all!!!!!

Bear hugs,