Episode #23 I’ve Got This with Melissa Blake

  Episode #23 I’ve Got This with Melissa Blake

Episode #23 I've Got This with Melissa Blake | The Bearfoot Baker

I have to admit, I haven’t met Melissa in person. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know who she was until she sent me an email encouraging me after I had my brain tumor removed. She sent me the sweetest email and she told me of her recovery story. I couldn’t stop reading the email. As soon as I read it I sent her an email thanking her and asked if she would be a guest on The Power of a Cookie Podcast.

As I read how Melissa had been battling cancer and heard about the surgery and treatment she’d gone through, I was encouraged because her story was guiding me through the things she described. I learned so much from her in that email and knew I had to ask her into sharing her story with everyone. I think I shocked her a little, but she agreed. While you’re listening to the podcast you’ll feel the warmth and love that I felt when I read her email. She’s an amazing person.

Melissa was sweet and sent us some pictures of her beautiful children and a few cookies she’s made. I’m inspired after seeing these. The love you see in the photos with her kids and the joy you see in her sweet cookies will make your heart happy. I hope I get to see her in person one day just like all of you who have encouraged me and shared your love with families like Melissa’s and mine. You are a blessing to us.

Enjoy Mellissa’s photos and get inspired when you listen to the podcast.

Episode #23 I’ve Got This with Melissa Blake

Melissa on the Beach | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Look at this gorgeous photo! It’s is breathtaking just like the ladies!

Melissa's Last Chemo | The Bearfoot Baker

  • This is Melissa’s last chemo treatment! You go girl! Your smile says it all!

Fun Cake with Melissa Blake | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Look at this picture of Melissa with her handsome boy. I bet he helped make that fun cat cake!

Melissa Blake | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Oh my goodness what a beautiful baby girl! You’re both gorgeous!

Waffle Cookies by Melissa Blake | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Melissa made some happy Waffle Cookies were inspired by Nina Marie Sweet Designs. Look at that perfect royal icing. I love the little heart cheeks!

Santa Cookies by Melissa Blake | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Did you know Santa was a star? Melissa did when she made these fun Santa Cookies. I like the little nonpareils on the hat and look at the fuzzy ball on top! So fun!

Ribbon Cookies by Melissa Blake | The Bearfoot Baker

  • What do you see when you look at these cookies? I see strong people with love, hope, and strength who touch us all with their kindness and huge hearts. Thank you, Melissa, for reaching out to me and lifting me up with your love and kindness. You’re forever in my heart because of your kindness and love!

Christmas Cookies with White Icing with Melissa Blake | The Bearfoot Baker

Check out these Christmas Cookies that were inspired by Slupr Patisserie. Look at that white royal icing. I think they’re adorable. Just think, finding power in a cookie that helps you judge how far you are in your recovery. WOW! That’s a powerful cookie and a powerful cookie decorator!

I thought the title of this podcast “I’ve Got This” was perfect after hearing Melissa’s story. She’s got this and so do so many other people going through different health treatments. The strength they have is amazing and inspiring. It’s encouraging and I’m thankful for their stories.

Thank you, Melissa, for encouraging me and teaching me to have patience with myself. Your story is helping me with recovery.

You all can follow Melissa Blake on Instagram. Find her by clicking this link: Melissa on Instagram.

Bear hugs,