Flatten Cookies for a Smooth Decorating Surface

Have you ever decorated sugar cookies only to have the icing fall off the side? That is so frustrating! Well don’t stress about this anymore. This post and video will show you how to flatten cookies for a smooth decorating surface so your icing stays on the cookie and not on your table.

How to Flatten cookies for a Smooth Decorating Surface by thebearfootbaker.com

I believe in making baking fun by removing the frustrating factors. Rounded cookies and bubbles that appear to the surface of cookies are not fun and drive me crazy. As a beginner, I would outline and flood my cookie and it would look fine. I would move on to the next cookie and see that the first one I decorated had most of the icing on the table instead of the cookie. I know some of you may not experience this problem but, there is hope for those of you that do.

This Wilton Easy Glide Fondant Smoother helped me flatten cookies for a smooth decorating surface and helped me stop pulling my hair out when decorating. Watch this video and see how it saved me.

How to Flatten Cookies for a Smooth Decorating Surface Video:

The fondant smoother makes things simple with its flat bottom and cute little handle on top. Just place it on your warm fresh from the oven cookies, and gently glide it across the top of each cookie. Apply even pressure and you move it across the tops of your cookies. If you press too hard it will make the cookies lose their shape a little so be gentle.

It is amazing how one little fondant smoother made by the brilliant people at Wilton can make decorating cookies much easier. No bumps to work around or no rounded edges for the icing to run off. Follow this tip on how to flatten cookies for a smooth decorating surface.

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