Flatten My Cookies and Not My Hair!

When I started decorating cookies I would get frustrated because sometimes my cookies were not flat. As they baked, they would get little bumps or bubbles that would leave me frustrated when it was time to decorate. It was hard to make the icing smooth because some of the bumps were so tall. The edges were also a little rounded and if I didn’t have my icing just right, the icing would run off the edge. That drove me crazy!!  I know all recipes are different so some of you may not experience this problem but if you do there is a way to make nice flat cookies.

First, bake your cookie.

Next, take this handy dandy Wilton Easy Glide Fondant Smoother, place it on your warm fresh from the oven cookies, and gently glide it across the top of each cookie!

Just glide it across the tops applying even pressure. If your press to hard it will make the cookies lose their shape a little.

Be gentle and you will end up with flat cookies like this!

That is all you have to do to have a flat smooth cookies that are ready to decorate. No bumps to work around or no rounded edges for the icing to run off. Just nice flat cookies waiting for your creative touch!

Now about my flat hair…any suggestions? LOL

Happy Creating,