How to Make an Adorable Fondant Chicken

Do you like chickens? I’m not talking about the kind of chicken you eat for dinner. I’m talking about How to Make an Adorable Fondant Chicken. This tutorial is using Sugarbelle’s Animal Shape Shifter Chicken Cookie Cutter as inspiration. I think this fondant chicken is so cute I actually used the chicken cutter to cut out the fondant comb to use on top of its head.

Sugarbelle’s designs and cutters are adorable. She’s so creative and somehow makes the cutters simple enough so we can make them by following her designs. They make great cookies, but if you look at the cutter a little differently, you can make fondant animals and other fun stuff. I promise you’re going to love it!

How to Make an Adorable Fondant Chicken | The Bearfoot Baker

Adorable Fondant Chicken:

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Renshaw or Satin Ice Fondant or you can make your own. Here is my Small Marshmallow Fondant Recipe.

Cutter Inspiration:

Animal Shape Shifter Cookie Cutter Set-Flour Box Bakery or Craft Direct

Fondant Color:
Turkey lacer or toothpicks
Paintbrush and water for the cheeks
Fondant Rolling Pin
Fondant Shaping Foam Set
Corn Starch
Tylose Powder
Blush-Roxy & Rich Hybrid Sparkle Dust – Princess Pink – 100% Edible!
Pen Blade
Round Decorating Tip such as a PME Supatube Writing Tip #2 or #3 for the eyes. It doesn’t have to be a PME tip but those are my favorites!
Petal Crafts Dusts

I know the list looks big, but you probably already have some of this stuff on hand. The one thing I missed is my fondant mat. Having it to roll out the fondant makes life happy. I thought I was going to be smart and use a piece of wax paper just for this project, but the wax paper was smarter than I was. It kept moving and sliding so I tossed it and use the surface of my table. You’d better believe I’ll have it the next time I play with fondant! LOL

Let’s talk about fondant vs gum paste for a minute.

Rolled fondant is used to decorate cakes. It pliable and dough-like but it will never dry all the way in the middle. Fondant will give it a polished look and you can eat it no problem, if you roll it in a ball, the center will always be soft.
Gum Paste:
Gum paste is dough-like and pliable like fondant, but the difference is it dries hard. It’s great for molding into shapes because it will dry hard and won’t lose its shape. It’s great for making characters, flowers, and other decorations. Gum paste is edible but it won’t taste very well and remember, it dries really hard.  

Adorable Fondant Chicken Video:

I hope you enjoy the video!

Let’s Get Started!

How to Make an Adorable Chicken Cake | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Tylose powder is used as a binding agent with fondant to make a gum paste. Changing the fondant to a gum paste will help the fondant dry faster. Just add a small amount to the fondant and knead it until it’s blended well.
  • To make the fondant chicken body you’ll need white fondant. You can purchase fondant that is already made or you can make your own. I decided buying the Renshaw Fondant in the colors I needed would be faster and make things easier. I was right!
  • The fondant for the larger chicken weighs 168 grams, the fondant for the medium weighs 74 grams, and the fondant for the small weighs 57 grams. This should give you an idea, but make them any size you want.
  • Shape the white (or whatever color you want) into a round ball.


Comb:How to Make a Fondant Chicken | The Bearfoot Baker
  • Roll out the red fondant. Pay attention to the thickness because this will be the comb on the chickens head so you want it a little thicker so it will stand up without falling over.
  • You can use the chicken cookie cutter from Sugarbelle’s Animal Shifter Set to cut out the comb. If you don’t have that cutter, you can use a flower cutter.
  • Once the comb is cut out, use the paintbrush to add a little water to the bottom and glue it to the top of the chickens head.
Eyes:Fondant Chicken | The Bearfoot Baker
  • To make the eyes all you need to do is roll out a small piece of fondant and use the #2 or #3 decorating tip to cut out the eyes.
  • Flatten the eyes with your finger and glue them on with a little water and the turkey lacer.
  • Or you can roll two small circles and glue them in place.
Time for the Beak:
How to Make a Sweet Adorable Fondant Chicken with Sugarbelle's Chicken Cutter | The Bearfoot Baker
  • Roll out the yellow fondant. You can determine the thickness but be careful not to roll it out too thin so it doesn’t rip or tear.
  • Cut out a triangle with the Pen Blade. The size will depend on the size of your chicken. You can make it small or larger and you can make it flat or stick out away from the face. Since Sugarbelle’s cutter inspired these I thought a flat beak would look good.
  • Once the beak is cut, use a little water to glue it in place on the cute little chicken face.

Adorable Fondant Chicken | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Time to add a little blush to make those sweet cheeks nice and rosy. I used Petal Crafts Set A and the color was coral mixed with a little bridal pink. When I looked for the dust online I didn’t see the coral color. There are other pinks in the set you can use or you can use another brand or color. Roxy & Rich Hybrid Sparkle Dust – Princess Pink is 100% Edible and a great color for cheeks. Since we aren’t going to be eating this chicken you can pick a dust color you like and make your chicken shine.
  • Use a dry brush to lightly dust some on the cheeks.
  • Let it dry completely.

How to Make an Easy Adorable Fondant Chicken | The Bearfoot Baker

Isn’t she cute! I love the comb on top and the flat little beak. Now with those cheeks, I think this chick could do anything!

When you look at Sugarbelle’s chicken cookie cutter what do you see? Do you see something besides a cookie? What about your other cookie cutters? What can you make besides a cookie? I can’t wait to see it!

Bear hugs,