Frankenstein Halloween Smores!

Frankenstein Halloween Smores | The Bearfoot Baker

Did you know S ‘mores like to dress up for Halloween? Give traditional S ‘mores cute costumes so they can trick or treat as Frankenstein Halloween Smores!  You can make all kinds of Halloween S’ Mores. The possibilities are endless!

Frankenstein Halloween Smores via www.thebearfootbaker.comYou can make ghosts with white candy melts or a witch with orange licorice hair. Who knows, this could be more fun that carving pumpkins because you don’t have to remove the pumpkin guts. Did I go too far talking about pumpkin guts? If I did I am sorry!

S’ Mores can be a little mess and when you cover them with candy melts it doesn’t make it any less messy. It is worth it though. The kiddos love them and have fun licking the green Frankenstein Halloween Smores residue off their tiny fingers.

Supplies for Frankenstein Halloween Smores:

Green candy melts
Graham crackers
Chocolate Jimmies
Royal icing Eyes
Black Food Color Gel
Small Paint brush
Chocolate bars
Wax paper

Frankenstein Halloween Smore

  • Begin by breaking your graham crackers in half.
  • Melt your green candy melts by following the directions on the package. Add a little oil if it looks lumpy.
  • Dip your graham cracker into the melted green candy melt and then dip the top into a bowl with Chocolate Jimmies.
  • Place on wax paper and add the royal icing eyes and let it dry completely. If you don’t have time to make the royal icing eyes, you can buy them at a craft store or Wal-mart in the cookie and cake decorating section.
  • Once the chocolate is dry, use the black food color gel and the paint brush to make a nose, mouth and stitches.
  • You can cut marshmallows to add for teeth if you want or leave them with a cute grin. Whatever works for ya!

Cute Frankenstein Halloween Smore www.thebearfootbaker.comNow grab the chocolate and the marshmallows and head to the fire and start roasting. The kids will love building their own Frankenstein Halloween Smores!

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