Groundhog’s Day Cookies!

I have to admit, as a little girl I was always confused on Groundhog’s Day. I thought if there were clouds in the sky, we would have a longer winter so I always wished for a cloudy gloomy day. I didn’t want the sun because it meant the snow would leave and no more snow days!

Happy Groundhog's Day Cookies

Don’t laugh! I was little! LOL I have finally got it right! A cloudy day means no shadow and spring is coming soon.

Will He See His ShadowA sunny day means the groundhog sees his shadow and winter will last 6 more weeks! I have my fingers crossed for sun!

Groundhog’s Day Cookie Supplies:

 3″ Groundhog Cookie Cutter
4mm Black Beads
Brown Outline Icing
Black Flood Icing
Royal Icing Recipe
Cookie Recipe

You are going to love how easy these are!

Groundhog-Day-CookiesOutline a fuzzy shape for your groundhog by following the outline of the cutter and making a mouth and leg like I did here. Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

Then, with the brown outline icing, fill the groundhog and be messy! If you look closely at mine, you will see small holes.

Happy Groundhog Day CookiesSee the holes? I think it adds character. Anyway, add a bead for the eye and one for the nose while he is still wet.

Next, add a little black icing to the mouth. You may want to use a toothpick or a  BooBoo Stick to  get the icing to the corner of his

Rain Cloud CookiesClouds and a sun make a cute little accent cookies for this little guy. Groundhog Shadow CookiesBut most importantly, don’t forget…the shadow! I want more snow!

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So the big question of the day is, “Do you want an early Spring or 6 more weeks of Winter this Groundhog’s Day?”

Happy Creating,