It is hard to say goodbye

Last week was a very tough week for me. My grandmother passed away and she was the last grandparent that was still here with us. Now she is in heaven with my grandpa who left us 15 years ago. As I was standing in the funeral home looking at my aunts, uncles and cousins, I realized how blessed I am. Most of my relatives traveled from different states to say their goodbyes but, I didn’t have to travel very far. I lived close and got to see her often.

Peaceful Lake


Spending time with my grandparents helped mold me into who I am today. They taught me how to do so much and were patient and full of love. My grandparents taught me how to paint, bake, sew, cook, drive a tractor and grow things. They taught me how to be compassionate, polite, respectful and how to laugh. They wanted me to get a good education and become someone I was proud of. They taught me how to be a mother and a wife a sister and a daughter.

As I sit here typing this I realize it is because of them I am a blogger. Their talents, love and patients grew inside me and made me want to teach others things that they shared with me. It makes me want to share things I have learned and I hope you feel that when you visit my blog. I want this to be a warm loving place where you can learn and ask question because that is how we spread love to one another.

I could talk about my grandparents all day but, the longer I type the more tears stream down my face. I will be back soon to share some tips, recipes and cookies with you. Until then, I love ya!