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I decided to find an inexpensive heat sealer because I wanted to use it with my holiday cookies. As I shopped around Amazon, I found different kinds I wanted to try. I know most of you have probably seen the Impulse Heat Sealer and know that’s what a lot of cookie decorators use. Well, as I looked at it I kept thinking the last thing I need is something else to store for my cookies so I decided to shop a little more for smaller options. Here’s what I learned.

Heat Sealer | The Bearfoot Baker

Before I start reviewing these heat sealers let me say that I purchased these heat sealers myself. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Heat Sealer Review:
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8″ (200mm) Impulse Manual Bag Sealer Heat Seal Closer + Free KIT at the time of this post the cost for this heat sealer is  $24.99 on Amazon.
***Update: This is a new link for an 8″ Impulse Heat Sealer due to the fact the one I linked to is sold out.
Orblue Bag Heat Sealer – Food Saver and Creates Airtight Containers – Cabinet Accessory (Orange) at the time of this post the cost it $12.87 on Amazon.
DOB Mini Portable Household Plastic Bag Heat Sealer Hand Pressure Sealing Machine Snack Food Saver and Creates Airtight Containers, White I call this one the “blue one” at the time of this post the cost for this heat sealer is $12.99 on Amazon.

Heat Seal Review Video:

Portable Mini Heat Sealer | The Bearfoot Baker

One thing I have always wanted to add to my cookie decorating toolbox is a nice heat sealer. I looked on Amazon with every intention of buying an Impulse Heat Sealer, but I came across these little mini portable guys. They’re cute! I like the videos I saw on Amazon enough to purchase them along with the Impulse Heat Sealer so I could compare to see which one I liked the best.

Okay, things didn’t start or end too well for the little orange heat sealer. It is called Orblue Bag Heat Sealer and it didn’t work. Like never. I tested the batteries and made sure the connection was the way they needed to be but nothing. I don’t recommend it. Also, the magnet on the back that is supposed to stick it to the fridge for easy access, it wasn’t strong enough so the heat sealer fell to the floor and fell apart. Sigh. I don’t like this little guy and don’t recommend it.

Portable Heat Sealer | The Bearfoot Baker

Now for the blue one. It is called the Mini Portable Household Plastic Bag Heat Sealer and requires 2 “AA” batteries. Well, it is better than the orange one, but I still don’t recommend it. See the little white rectangle with the black line across it? You slide the bag across this rectangle and it magically seals. The problem with it is it smells like it is burning. Actually, it gets very warm to the touch. It makes me nervous so I kept taking the batteries out so it would not burst into flames! I am not sure it could or would actually do that but boy oh boy it had me thinking it could.

Mini Heat Sealer | The Bearfoot Baker

I really had high hopes for this one because it worked when I opened it. It sealed the bag so well that water would stay inside without leaking out. It had the potential to be a great little heat sealer that didn’t take up space because it would stay on the side of the fridge with the handy dandy little magnet on the back. Well, that is what the video said but it lied! It fell to the floor and I ended up putting it back together. So sad.

Also, when you use it, you have to start in the middle of the bag and pull it to one side, then place it back in the middle and pull it to the other side so the line isn’t very clean. You can’t really see well enough to make it a pretty seal. Sigh.

If this one didn’t smell like it was going to burn my house down and if the magnet was stronger, and it was easier to line the lines up, I would recommend it but I can’t. It didn’t make me feel comfortable having it in the house because of the heating issue. It didn’t stick to the fridge like it said it would and the line wasn’t easy to line up for a nice professional look. I am sad because I really wanted this one to work.

Impulse Heat Sealer for Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Now for the Impulse Heat Sealer. This is the 8″ Impulse Heat Sealer and it’s the one most cookie decorators use. This is the inexpensive version without the cutter on the top and is less than $25. Okay, it was $24.99 which is one cent less than $25, but still less. The one with the cutter on the top is over $100. They range anywhere from $150-$175.  If I sold cookies or packaged a lot of them I would totally spend the extra $100+ and get the one with the cutter. I can see how beneficial a cutter could be. It could save you hours on orders.

But how does it work?

My Heat Sealer | The Bearfoot Baker

Once you find out what heat setting works with your bag it is a piece of cake. Just place the cookie into the bag. Then, place the bag onto the heat sealer where you want to seal it and press the arm down. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! And it works! No problems, no worries!

The Heat Sealer I Recommend | The Bearfoot Baker

Make your cookies nice and snug and ship them to your friends, family or customers. It is that simple!

Heat Sealer with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

I highly recommend this Heat Sealer because it works and it doesn’t take up that much room. As far as storage goes, it is nice and thin and won’t take up that much room in a cabinet or closet.

What Heat Sealer Do I Use | The Bearfoot Baker

You can seal the bag on more than one side to give your cookie a custom package.

An Impulse Heat Sealer | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Then just trim off the excess and you will have a nice little package that looks professional.
  • **Update: If you own a heat sealer, you may need to change the strips sometime during the life of the machine.
  • I’m not sure what the strips are called, but Amazon has them listed as “Spare Parts” and they aren’t expensive and you’ll get 2 for less than $5. Not a bad deal if you ask me, but just make sure these will work with your machine before you order.

I hope this helps you decide on a heat sealer. It’s clear to see why cookie decorators use this machine and I wish I would have purchased mine years ago. I know my impulse heat sealer and I am going to become friends. With the holiday arriving I’m willing to find a storage place for him. It’s well worth the effort to move a few things around.

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*UPDATE* Here is the information on the FDA Approved Shrink Bags.
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