How I Get Icing in Those Little Bottles

This is one of those posts that makes me happy! I had an email requesting I show how I get the icing into the bottles without making a mess. We let me tell you a little about my messy self. I am a neat person most of the time, but when I get into a creative zone, I just go and think about the mess later. But let’s face it, icing is expensive when you make it almost every day! So, when it comes to filling those icing bottles, I don’t want to waste a drop so I will show you how I fill them.

Tipless Bags Disposable Bags or Decorating Bottles -Gift Ideas for Under $35 | The Bearfoot Baker

Here they are! Icing bottles that don’t have icing dripping down the sides. If you want to buy some little bottles you can find them at Amazon CK Products Squeeze Bottle Set. If you want the big ones you can find Sugarbelle’s here.  They come with a little plastic tip, but you can change it and add a different size to fit your decorating need.

Do you see my secret weapon yet? Yes, it is the cheap sandwich bags from my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart. That’s my big secret. Not a big deal at all and it works!

  • I use my favorite coffee cup to hold the bag while I fill it with icing. Then, I take it out and zip it shut.

  • Once your icing is in the bag, snip off a little on the end.

  • Now, you can squeeze your way to a full bottle of icing with zero mess!

  • Fill them all up and decorate some cookies!

  • Now before you send me emails asking me if I reuse the bags, the answer is YES!!! I do reuse the bags. They are easy to wash, so wash then and let them dry and you can use them over and over again. I have used the same ones for months. I dispose of them when they spring a leak.

  • Since I reuse my bags, you may be asking how I prevent the icing from running all over the place with the end cut off. Well, I just put a rubber band on the end of it. When you are ready to pour the icing into your bottles simply slide the rubber band off.

Well, there you have it! This is my frustration-free way to fill my icing bottles because I am not steady enough to pour the icing in without making a huge mess and missing dinner with the family to clean it all up so I don’t get ants or bears in my house to clean the counters for me although it would be nice to have a little help in the kitchen once in a while!  (I have had so much coffee today! Can you tell?)

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions you want me to do a tutorial on. I will try my best! If you are looking for some tips and tricks to cookie decorating, you may enjoy the  “Beginners Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

Bear hugs,