How to add a Picture to my Link Party

The Bearfoot Baker Link Party via www.thebearfootbaker.comI want to update the directions on how to add a picture to my link party. I know the directions were added on a post several weeks ago but, I wanted to do a better job for you. I am the person who always gets confused and misses the party because I can’t figure things out. Well, since the rainbow link contest begins today, I want to make sure everyone knows how to add a photo so you can join the party and contest. So here goes!

Step 1:
It is really simple to join and I am going to show you how.
First, scroll to the bottom of the party and click “Add your link.” When you do, you will see three boxes.




Step 2:
All you have to do is add a little info. Now the name and your email are easy but, that pesky little URL thing is what messed me up when I tried to join my first link party.




Step 3:
Now, just because it says doesn’t mean it is the right URL. This link will take you to my website and not the post. If you add, it will not link to the proper place.




Step 4:
When you click on the title of the post, it will give you the URL of that post. Copy it so you can past it.




Step 5: 
Paste it in the URL box and make sure all your info is correct. Then, click, “Next Step!”




Step 6:
You should see something like this.  Pick which picture you want to use and either “Select” or “Crop” it.




Step 7:
Once you select your photo, it should bring you back to this page and you can watch your photo appear. Congrats!! You did it! Now add all the pictures you want!

WAIT!!! How do you link a picture from FaceBook? Well, let me show you!




Facebook Step 1: 
It is easy to load photo from Facebook. The important thing is to get the right URL.
First, you want to find and click on your photos.




Facebook Step 2: 
Select the album you want to get your photo from.




Facebook Step 3:
Now that you have your album, click to open it and click on the photo you want to link.



This is the URL for the photo. Now follow Step 5- Step 7 to add your photo.

I really hope this makes things easier for you. See you at the link party!

Happy Creating,