How to fix a Mistake on a Cookie

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!! I have missed you! I wanted to post a lot more than I did through the holidays but, time got away from me and I caught a nasty cold that won’t go away. Every time I think I am all better, I get chills and end up on the couch with my favorite quilt watching Elf, You’ve Got Mail or It’s a Wonderful Life. I am a little better now and ready to get back to baking but today, I am going to keep things simple and show you how I fix a mistake on a cookie.

Fix a mistake on a cookie by

Have you ever been working on a cookie and had something go wrong? I am clumsy and stick my finger in the icing or somehow over flood it until I have icing oozing over the side. Well, we will fix these little problems. I wanted my cookie to look like this one but, you guessed it! I messed up and want to show you how to fix a mistake on a cookie.

how to fix a mistake on a cookie www.thebearfootbaker.comI poked it with my finger. I told you I was clumsy  Believe it or not, it is fairly easy to fix a mistake on a cookie if you don’t let the icing dry for a long time.

It is easy to fix a mistake on a cookie:

  1. Scrape off the messed up area.
  2. Outline it again and re-flood it.
  3. See how simple that was!

how to fix a mistake on a cookie www.thebearfootbaker.comWhat if you over flood an area and it runs off the side of the cookie? I am so glad you asked that!
First of all, I poke it with my boo boo stick to see if it is alive! I watched “The Blob” way too many times when I was a kid.

Once I establish it isn’t going to grow to the size of my house, I use the side of the boo boo stick to remove some icing. You don’t have to remove it all. Just remove some and then use the tip of the boo boo stick to poke out any bumps or bubbles. If you stick the pointy side of the boo boo stick into the icing and jiggle it up and down, it will make the icing smooth. If the icing has completely crusted over, you may have to remove the icing and reapply it.
See how simple it is to fix a mistake on a cookie! No more throwing the away or eating them, unless you want to. Fix it and forget it! 😉

If you are looking for more tips and tricks, you may enjoy the  “Beginners Guide to Cookie Decorating”.

Happy Creating,