How to Hold an Airbrush Gun

Do you have an airbrush gun? Is it still in the box? Come on now, we have talked about this! Maybe it is my fault it is still in the box. I realized the other day I should have more tutorials that encourage you to feel confident and comfortable when you are airbrushing cookies. The way we feel confident is learning the basics forwards and backwards. Simple things like how to hold an airbrush gun can make or break your design especially when you use a stencil. How to Hold an Airbrush Gun by thebearfootbaker.comMaking beautiful cookies does not happen overnight. We may may a few ugly cookies before we crank out cookies that we are proud of. Do you know what we are doing when we make ugly cookies? We are learning. That’s right. We are learning what works and what doesn’t work.

Now bake, outline and flood some cookies and let’s learn how to airbrush cookies using a stencil.

How to Hold an Airbrush Gun:

When you watch the video, pay close attention to the angle of the airbrush gun. Holding the airbrush gun at a 90 degree angle is great for stenciling but it isn’t good when we want to spray the edge of the cookies to make an outline or a shadow on the cookie. We will talk about shading in a tutorial soon, but right now remember when you are stenciling a cookie, a 90 degree angle works better because it will keep the color from going under the stencil.

How to Hold an Airbrush Gun when Stenciling Cookies via

A 45 degree angle is used when you want to outline the edge of a cookie like these rabbit cookies or if you want to shade the edge of a cookies like these pepper cookies.  If you try to hold the gun at a 90 degree angle when outlining a cookie, it will look a little odd and only spray the color on the top of the cookie. We will practice that soon. I promise.

As we learned in our last video here, it also helps when the stencil is close to the cookie. If the stencil is far away from the cookie the airbrush color can go where ever it wants and cause your pattern to be blurry.

How to Hold an Airbrush Gun www.thebearfootbaker.comOne of the most improtant things I want you to remember is that your airbrush gun is only air so don’t be afraid of it. You are the boss so make it work for you.

I have a few more basic airbrush videos coming soon that may help answer some questions and help you troubleshoot some issues. Stay tuned!

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