How to Stencil Cookies with Royal Icing-Video

Learn How to Stencil Cookies with Royal Icing and Decorate Like a Pro The Bearfoot Baker

When it comes to decorating cookies, sometimes we need to look for something that makes decorating simple, but will still give us a pretty design. Using royal icing to stencil cookies is a great way to add texture and patterns to make your cookies unique.

How to Stencil Cookies with Royal Icing | The Bearfoot Baker

Have you ever stenciled cookies with the same icing you used to outline and flood the cookies? It is a quick way to stencil cookies without spending all day mixing icing colors and the look is subtle and classic. The only suggestion I can offer is to make sure you mix enough to complete all the decorating. During the decorating process it seemed as if the yellow icing evaporated in thin air and the problem was, I didn’t have any more AmeriColor Gold on hand to make more. I used Ivory and Lemon Yellow and got it close enough to finish this set. You can learn from my mistake and make sure you have enough before you begin.

How to Stencil Cookies with Royal Icing:
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Cookie Cutters:

Icing Colors:

  • The following colors are 15 Second Icing in a Piping Bag Fitted with #2 Decorating Tip and the colors are AmeriColor Soft Gel Colors:
  • White
  • Lemon Yellow with a drop of Ivory, but the base of the cookie is AmeriColor Gold
  • Turquoise
  • Light Gray- White Icing with a drop of black
  • Darker Gray-white with a drop or two of black
  • Red-AmeriColor Super Red with a drop of Chocolate Brown

Thick icing:

  • White Icing in a piping bag fitted with a #21 decorating tip. This is used for the fur on the mittens.


Here is more information on how to outline and flood a cookie with royal icing if you need a little help getting started.

How to Stencil Cookies with Royal Icing-Video

Here is a little video for you to watch. As you are watching, watch how the snowflake stencil is too small for the snowflake cookie. If that happens to you, wait for the royal icing to dry and then stencil the area it didn’t cover the first time around.

Outline and flood:

Stencil Cookies Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline and flood the snowman with the white icing.
  • Let it dry completely.
  • Place one side of the Stencil Genie over the cookie. The Stencil Genie has different thicknesses on each side, use the one that best fits the thickness of your cookie. For this snowman, the thin side worked best.
  • Next, place the stencil on the Stencil Genie and add the other side.

Elegant Designs Can Be Made When You Stencil Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Next, add some royal icing on the top of the snowflake stencil.
  • Use a spatula or a stencil scraper to pull the icing across the stencil making sure all of the stencil holes are filled.
  • Slowly lift the stencil off of the cookie by lifting straight up or by lifting one side off at a time.

How to Stencil Cookies with Royal Icing Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Remove all the excess icing off the side of the snowman cookie so the edges are clean.

Learn How to Stencil Cookies with Royal Icing with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Let the icing on the cookie dry for a few hours before you package or stack them.

If you are making all of the cookies in this set, repeat these steps for all the other designs.

Learn to Stencil Cookies Tutorial with Video | The Bearfoot Baker

I’m not sure about you, but I love the classic look of cookies stenciled with the same color as the base color. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to mix colors or spend extra time washing dishes.

How to Stencil Cookies Tutorial and Video | The Bearfoot Baker

If you are out in the snow today, be careful and stay warm. Decorating cookies is always a fun way to warm up after you’ve made a few snowmen and snow angels!

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