Ice Cream Cone Cookies

Have you ever dropped an ice cream cone on a hot summer day? Well, I have. I am always the one wearing ice cream on my shirt and shoes. I don’t have to worry about that with these easy ice cream cone cookies. With these 3D cookies you don’t have to worry about cleaning melted ice cream off your shoes.  Ice Cream Cone Cookies - Easy Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing via best part is you can add a simple base that will make them stand on their own. They make great party favors and look really cute if you add some DIY sprinkles.

Supplies for Ice Cream Cone Cookies:

15 Second Royal Icing in a piping bag fitted with a #2 tip in the following colors:

  • Tan Icing (To make this color add a little Chocolate Brown and Egg Yellow)
  • Brown Icing
  • Pink Icing (I don’t like the taste of pink icing so I add a little tiny amount of red food gel color.)
  • White Icing

Airbrush gun with brown airbrush color (optional)
DIY Sprinkles in your favorite colors

If you want one color or flavor of ice cream, you can omit 2 of the icing colors above.

Easy Ice Cream Cookies via

  • Begin by outlining the bottom of the ice cream cone with the tan icing.
  • Next, outline the top with the chocolate brown icing.
  • Then, flood the bottom of the ice cream cone with the tan icing and let it dry for about 20 minutes.
  • Once the tan has dried for a few minutes, outline and make the pattern on the cone.
  • Let it dry for a few hours.

Melting Ice Cream Cookies thebearfootbaker.comI have stumbled upon something that stops your icing from bleeding. Come back tomorrow and I will share my secret with you. It will explain why that cookie has a little shine on it.

Here is a little video for you showing how to airbrush the cone.

Easy Ice Cream Cone Cookies that stand up thebearfootbaker.comI didn’t flood the bottom of this cookie first and I didn’t care for the way it turned out. It looked like the ice cream cone was sitting on the ice cream instead of the way it was supposed to look. It is the only pictures I had of flooding the ice cream so let’s all pretend the cone was flooded first.

Cute Ice Cream Cookies via thebearfootbaker.comOnce you flood the ice cream, you need to work fast to add the sprinkles. I used sprinkles I made myself. You can find the tutorial here or you can use store bought sprinkles.Ice Cream Cone Cookies with DIY Sprinkles thebearfootbaker.comAdd the sprinkles while the icing is wet and let the cookie dry completely.

Ice Cream Cone Cookies by thebearfootbaker.comOnce your cookie is completely dry you can work on making them sand up by grating the bottom with a hand held grater so it will be flat and easy to attach to a base. How to make Ice Cream Cone Cookies thebearfootbaker.comOnce the icing is dry you can even shave a little off the icing off if it will help the cookie sand.

How to make simple ice cream cone cookies thebearfootbaker.comThe base of the cookie was hand cut when the dough was cold. There isn’t a pattern. I just used the size of the ice cream to make sure the base was large enough. For more information on how to hand cut a cookie, click here.
Outline and flood the base cookie.

Easy Ice Cream Cone Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comPlace the ice cream cone cookie in the center and prop it up with something to hold it in place and work quickly. Add sprinkles while the icing is wet and let the cookie dry overnight.

Ice Cream Cone Cookies - Easy Sugar Cookies Decorated with Royal Icing via thebearfootbaker.comNow it is possible to enjoy a fun summer treat without worrying about dropping ice cream on you shirt and shoes. Remember to come back tomorrow and I will share my secret to stop your royal icing from bleeding. It changed my life!

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How to Make Ice Cream Cone Cookies