Ice Cream Cookies with a Cherry on Top

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I am ready for summer. I want to swim, sit in the sun, pick some pretty flowers from my garden, and eat a lot of ice cream. If only we could find a way to enjoy ice cream without worrying about it melting in the heat. Guess what? We can enjoy them with worrying if we make ice cream cookies! You can choose between sandwiches, single scoop cones, double scoop cones,  ice cream Sundays and Popsicles or enjoy them all.

Supplies for Ice Cream Cookies:

15 Second Icing in these colors:

  1. Tan (for the cone)
  2. White
  3. Pink
  4. Brown
  5. Red

Ice-Cream-Cookies-Decorated-Sugar-Cookies-thebearfootbakerI used a royal icing transfer for the cherry on top. To make them, follow this eye tutorial and use red icing and not white. With the white icing, pipe a line while the red is wet so the cherry will look shiny. You can make them a few weeks in advance and store them in a cool dry airtight container away from the sun.

Now for the cookies, begin by outlining the ice cream sections with the colors or flavors you want.
Then, flood each layer allowing dry time in between each.
While the brown icing is wet, add the sprinkles.
Outline and flood the cone with the tan icing and let it dry for about 30 minutes.
Next, and add the details to the cone following the picture.
Add the royal icing cherry to the top of the chocolate with a drop of red or brown icing.

Ice-Cream-Cookies-Cut-Out-Sugar-Cookies-www.bearfootbaker.com_You can stop there or use an airbrush gun to add some detail. I personally love how the airbrush changed the look of these. Carefully outline each color with the machine set on low. For the white, airbrush with brown or blue. For the pink, use red or pink. For the brown and tan, use brown.  For information on airbrushing, click here.

Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies:
Brown Cookie Dough
White Thick Icing
Star Tip

Ice Cream Cookies by thebearfootbaker.comCookie decorating doesn’t get any easier than these. Once you make your cookie dough, add some Brown AmeriColor Gel and roll it out and cut it like you normally would. Polk a few holes in the unbaked cookies and then bake them. Once they are baked and cooled, pipe some thick white icing with the star tip and place another cookie on top.

These are super simple and will give your ice cream cookie platter a lot of variety and a 3D effect. Add some cute twine from Baker’s Stock and your guest will think you spent hours on these.

Popsicle Cookies:
Lila Loa did a guest post for me last year because she is a sweetheart. She made these Popsicle Cookies and they are my favorite Popsicle cookies ever. The tutorial is wonderful and the pictures are amazing. Thanks again Georgeanne for sharing your amazing talent with us.LilaLoa-Popsicles thebearfootbaker.comI know there are a lot of ice cream cookie tutorials out there on the web but, I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

Sweet Sugar Belle has really cute Ice Cream Cone Cookies that are a double scoop of goodness. She is so creative with her cookie cutters and I would love to borrow her brain for a few days. Paula from The Vanilla Bean Baker has a Decorating with Ice Cream Video that will show you step by step how to make her cute ice cream cookies. I love the gumball she uses for the cherry on top. Bridget Bake at 350 made some I Scream, You Scream Cookies with different sprinkles and I can’t decide which one I like best. These Ice Cream Cone  cookies from Tracy at Whisked Away Cookies are some of the cutest ice cream cookies I have ever seen. Her airbrushing really makes these cookies stand out! I also love the fun swirl she made.

Well, there you have it. Several ice cream cookie tutorials that will have your friends and family screaming for ice cream with out worrying about heat melting your yummy treat.

Happy Creating,