Jill FCS Puzzle Cookie (Guest Post)

I can’t express how thrilled I am  to introduce you to my friend Jill FCS. Some of you already know her, but for those of you that don’t, go to her Facebook page and look at her amazing cookies! She has a unique style that makes her cookies super cute and super fun just like her! Wait to see what she has made for you today!! I am on cloud 9! Well, enough from me, take it away Jill.

I have an irrational fear of a plain cookie. If someone were to put one in front of me and ask me to decorate it, I would break out in a cold, sugary sweat. (I would completely fall apart on one of those competition baking shows.) I am a planner. There, I said it. I plan. I research and I plan. Then, I plan some more. Now, I do not always follow my plan exactly, but I like to know the approximate path I am taking to get to my end result.

The Planner’s Path of a Cookie Puzzle:

Step 1Draw design and scan it into computer.

Step 2-Print scanned design, choose a color scheme and color in with colored pencils.

Step 3-Decide where to cut the cookie dough for the puzzle pieces.


Step 4– Make cookie dough (personally, I love-love-love LilaLoa’s Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe for cookie puzzles because it tastes great, does not spread and maintains sharp edges). Roll out the cookie dough and square up edges.


Step 5- Print scanned design on cardstock, cut into pieces and use as a template to cut the cookie dough.


Step 6– Bake cookies. After cookies have cooled, put together puzzle; if needed, gently clean up edges of individual puzzle “pieces” using a zester/grater.


Step 7-Using edible markers, sketch out background flooding areas.


Step 8- Color icing and gather supplies.


Step 9- Flood background. Depending on size of individual cookies, use a #2 or #3 tip and 15 count icing.


Step 10- After background flooding has dried, pipe outline using a #1.5 tip and very stiff detail icing.


Step 11- After outline icing has dried completely, fill in outline using a #2 tip and 5-10 count icing. I call this the “paint-by-number” step.


Step 12- Once the fill icing has dried (approximately 24 hours), add detail.



Thank you so much  Jill FCS for being here today and sharing your wonderful creativity and amazing talent with us!! You made my day!

I told you all she was amazing!! That puzzle cookie is so dang cute!! I follow her on Facebook and look everyday to see if she has added new pictures to her albums. You might want to do the same because it is a great way to start the day. Don’t take my word for it! Look at these:

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Bear hugs,