Kiss Me, I’m a Prince!

I don’t know why but I think frogs with little crown are so cute. I have seen several in the scrapbook isles and a few have made me laugh out loud! The only thing that stopped me from making one was finding the cutter. I finally found one this week! A cute little cutter of a frog with a little crown! I threw it in my basket and and started thinking about how I was going to decorate it.

Well, what do you think? I think I would kiss this guy! But guess what? I didn’t use the cutter I bought! I will show you how I did it in a minute.


Green Twenty Second Icing (by SweetSugarBelle)

Black Icing or Black Food Marker

Red Twenty Second Icing (by SweetSugarBelle)

White Outline Icing

Yellow Twenty Second Icing (by SweetSugarBelle)

One the way home from the cake supply store I realized I could have saved $1.29 making one myself. If you have a frog cutter I am almost positive you will be able to add the crown with something you have on hand.

Do you have a mini angel cutter? Or a mini star cutter? How about a mini snowflake cutter? If you said yes, you can make this cookie!

Here they are! All different but you will get the same results. Who knew???

I like the shape of the mini snowflake the best so that is what I will show you today but the angel and star would work exactly like this.

First thing to do is cut the frog and a snowflake.

Next, to make sure the frog’s crown will fit him, place the frog cutter on the snowflake where you want it. Cut it to get the perfect shape for the head.

It is time to bake!

Now that you have your frog with the crown it is time to decorate. With your green icing, outline your prince.

Next, with the green icing, flood the head and the legs. Let this dry for about 20 minutes.

Then, with the green icing, flood his tummy.

With the yellow icing, make the dots for the top of the crown. Let this dry for about 20 more minutes.

Then, with the yellow icing, finish the crown.

With the white outline icing, make 2 large eyes! He wants to see how beautiful you are;) While the white is wet you can add the black dot. This is the only black you need for this project. So if you don’t want to mix black icing, you can use a food safe marker but you need to let the white dry completely before you make the dot.

Next, with the green icing make him some lips by piping a line from cheek to cheek.

Now it is time for the heart. I made two red dots.

Then, I stuck the tip into one dot while dragging in a downward “v” motion. Do the same to the other dot and you will have a nice heart. Let this dry for a few hours. The heart needs to be pretty dry so you can add the hands.

Now for the hands. I made 3 dots on each side of the heart. These will be the fingers or whatever frogs have.

Then, make a curvy line for each arm a little thicker than his lips.

Next, attach the dot fingers to the thick curvy arm. Now you have cute little frog arms and hands hold your heart! You are all done!

I liked this picture because it shows me I don’t have to spend $1.29 for “the” cutter I think I need! I might have to give it away because I like the snowflake frog much better. He has a nice shape and I don’t have to make his hands by his feet.


I want you to meet my prince. His name is Alan and we have been married for 25 years! I can’t believe I am that old!!! Anyhow, I hope we will be together until we “croak” at a very old age! (Sorry, I couldn’t stop myself!)

Happy Creating,