KopyKake Projector (How to Get a Clearer Image)

I have a Kopykake. There, I said it! Some people think if you have a Kopykake you are not a true decorator. They think it is cheating. Well, I disagree. My Kopykake doesn’t mix my icing to the right consistency. It doesn’t plan my designs. It doesn’t pipe the icing onto my cookies. It doesn’t even wash my dishes! The description said it was, “A bakers dream,” so I thought it would help me out with the dishes. That is my dream as a baker, never washing dishes!

Anyway, another thing it doesn’t do is project a very clear image. The main reason I wanted a Kopykake was to help when I write on cookies. Writing on cookies is my least favorite part of decorating. If  my image is not clear, I might as well freehand my writing.  I decided to played around with my Kopykake until I came up with something that helped.  Now, if I can only get it to help unload the dishwasher I would buy another one to do my laundry.

Let’s say I want to make 50 cookies that look like this card. The word carefree has a nice line so I don’t need to make any adjustments. I would load it in the Kopykake and start piping.

 If I had the same request for this card, it would be a little harder. I would want all the paisleys to be the same. The colors are light and would be hard to see when projected onto the cookies.  I would adjust this pattern so I would get a good clean image.

See how tiny those lines are? I like how delicate this card is and I want to pipe those lines with a PME “00” tip but, if I load this image in my machine, the line will appear with a little blur and I might lose some of the details. So what is a girl to do? I will show you what I do.When I want a clearer image, I trace my design onto a piece of transparency paper with a fine tip Sharpie. I could use tracing  paper but,transparency paper is clear so when I trace, I don’t have to guess where the lines are and I don’t lose any details.Now that it is traced, you have a clear background with nice solid pattern lines.
Next, I slide a piece of white paper behind it and load it into the machine. Since I traced the words and the details in a different colors it will be easy to see. I won’t have any problem keeping the tiny lines that I want. I know there are a million ways to do things but, I wanted to share what works for me.

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Happy Creating,