How to Make Simple Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat

What kind of a name would you give a pet ladybug because I think this little Rice Krispie Treat looks like a bug that needs a name. I like the name Dot and think it would be a perfect name for this little guy. What do you think?


I saw this cute watermelon post from Glorious Treats. She was inspired by Dine and Dish‘s watermelons which inspired me to make my own version. I had to do it because they had me at “Rice Krispie Treats!”  Don’t you love the internet and how we all can inspire each other? I think it is a wonderful thing!

Supplies for Ladybug Rice Krispie Treats:

Rice Krispie Cereal
Strawberry Kool-Aid or Red food color
Black food color
Cookie Sticks
Paper Straws
M & M’s

I followed the directions from Dine and Dish to make these but, I used a square pan instead of a round pan and I used Strawberry Kool-Aid for the body and Wilton Black Food Coloring for the head. I wanted the red on the ladybug really red and didn’t want to add a ton of food coloring. You can get her directions here. Or if you want to use food coloring like Glorious Treats click here.

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat

When you add black food coloring to marshmallows, then pour them into Rice Krispies, this is what it looks like!

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treats

When you add Strawberry Kool-Aid to marshmallows, then add it to Rice Krispie Treats, this is what it looks like! I really wish you could smell these! It smells wonderful!! I don’t like change and was not sure if I would like strawberry treats but, I was pleasantly surprised! They are good! Kids will love you for making something fun and different and they can help with the next steps.

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat

With your ladybug cutter, cut out a round head shape out of the black Rice Krispies. I used a sharp knife to cut the black treats into strips so it would be easier to work with. Then, I cut it and smashed it into the head so it would be nice and round. Set it aside.

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat

Next, cut the body out of the red Rice Krispies. Now off with his head!!! I couldn’t resist! Use a sharp knife and cut off her head!

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat

I found the straws at T.J.Maxx in the clearance isle this weekend. They are perfect for this project. They have become very common and you can find them in most craft stores now. Insert a cake pop stick into the straw for more support then slid it into the ladybug.

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat

Time to assemble the little guy by attaching the head and M & M dots with royal icing. The dots look better if you gently smash them into the body because it will make them look like they’re a part of the bug instead of looking they’re just sitting on the back. Be careful when you apply the icing and the M & M’s because it will ooze out the side and make the dots look ugly. Trust me because I know this from experience!

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat

Isn’t she cute? I want to bite her little head off but, I think I will eat the dots first!

Ladybug Rice Krispie Treat



That’s it! I really enjoyed making these because it was fun and didn’t take long. I am sure your kids will love making their very own ladybug Rice Krispy Treat pet so they can name it and eat it all in the same day. I’m sure these little guys will disappear very fast because we all love ladybugs and we all love Rice Krispie Treats!

Bear hugs,