Love Note Snowman Cookies

One of my favorite movies of all times is “Shop Around the Corner.”  It stars Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart. You might recognize the remake movie, “You’ve Got Mail.” I think I like it because it is set in a time where people wrote letters. Even though James and Margaret did not know who they were writing to until the end of the movie, it was still magical. There is something about getting a handwritten letter especially if it is from your sweetheart.

I am not romantic enough to write sweet love letters so I did it my way, cookie style!

Snowman CookiesI saw so many Christmas ornaments this year that were made from sheets of music  and I liked it so much that I wanted to give it a try. These cookies might look hard to make but they aren’t. You just have to start!

Supplies for Love Note Snowman Cookies:

White Outline
White Flood
Red Outline
Red Flood
Black Outline
Black Flood
Orange Outline Icing
Brown Flood Icing of the antiquing
White Disco Dust
2 Paint Brushes
Let’s Create:

Snowman CookiesFirst, with the white outline icing, outline the snowman’s body.

Next, with the black outline icing, outline the hat.

Snowman Cookies

With the white flood icing, flood the snowman.

Snowman CookiesI am going to show you how to do the music lines on this circle cookie with red paper behind it so you can see it a little better. Now for a quick tip, when I get a little distracted I sometimes flood more than I should and my icing oozes over the edge. It is easy to fix. I use the flat end of my handy dandy little Boo Boo Stick and remove the oozy icing. Now you have a good cookie again.

Snowman CookiesNow we are ready to add the lines while the body is still wet. I used a 0 PME tip but you can use a1. The goal is to make them as straight as you can but remember, there are going to be broken lines. See mine beside the big arrows?  We can hide them with the music notes so take your time but don’t stress.

First of all watch this video by One Tough Cookie on how to pipe a straight line. Isn’t she good!

Snowman CookiesNow we are going to take one picture at a time (or watch the video again! haha).

Touch the tip to the edge of the cookie and gently squeeze as you lift the tip away from the cookie keeping your eye on the spot where you want to end the line.

Snowman CookiesSee the line floating in the air? Resist the urge to hold the tip close to the cookie.

Snowman CookiesIf you break a line you can fix it by carefully going over it. On this project, if it is a small break you can cover it with a music note later.

Snowman CookiesThis broken line was a little big so I added a small line to connect the pieces and smoothed it out with my Boo Boo Stick.

Snowman CookiesAs you come close to the end keep applying gentle pressure but lower the tip closer to the cookie until your tip is touching the cookie.

Snowman CookiesYou need to make 5 lines for each row of notes (I am not a music person so I have no idea what the lines are called). Leave some space between each group.

Let this dry for several hours or over night.

Snowman CookiesNow you are ready to make the notes. I have no idea what these notes are but in my head this is the greatest love song ever written or  my cat walking across the piano keys (if I had a piano or a cat).

All you have to do is decide where you want the notes ( or need to hide blobs of icing or broken lines like I am doing in this picture) and make a dot with a stick on the right side and end it with a little flag.  Make as many as you want BUT DON’T put them on the face. The eyes will look like notes and you don’t want his face to look all messy.


Now lets have some fun!

Snowman CookiesNext, flood the hat brim and top with the black flood icing. Let this dry for about an hour or so.

With the red outline, outline the red on each end of the hat then flood with the red flood icing.

Snowman CookiesNext, add the eyes with the black outline icing or you can add royal icing transfer eyes.

Then, add the nose with the orange outline icing. Just make a squiggley line.

With the red outline icing, outline the scarf.

Snowman Cookies

Now you can flood the scarf with the red flood icing and let this dry overnight.

Snowman CookiesNext, thin down the brown flood icing like this. When you get it the right consistency paint it on the entire snowman. You should only work with one at a time because it will dry fast.  Remember, don’t use a lot of water because water is the enemy of Royal Icing. If the black icing smears a little it is ok for this project. It will just add character.

Snowman CookiesNow dip the dry paint brush into the disco dust and tap the brush over the snowman. This brush will not touch the cookie at all! Think of it as disco rain. Sprinkle until you get the amount you want and let the little guy dry. If you pour the Disco Dust on him you will not see all the hard work you have done. It will cover everything so use the brush.

Snowman CookiesThis technique will work on any snowman so have fun and make some.

I am going to try to work on making time to write some letters to friends and family. It really does make people feel good to know you took the time to think about them. I am off to buy some stationary and stamps!

Happy Creating,