Memorial Day Flag Cookie Platter

I can’t believe it is almost Memorial Day. Is May almost over because it doesn’t seem like that’s possible? It’s gone by so fast and the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, the kids are almost out of school. Well, I guess we need to plan some cookies for a Memorial Day picnic so grab some cutters and let’s get started.

I’m thinking flag cookies will be a good idea because it is Memorial Day after all. I want to make some flag cookies, but they need to be made a little ahead of time, but that can be tricky because the colors can bleed together so what are we going to do? A friend suggested I make a Memorial Day Flag Platter like Maryann “The Cookie Artisan” so I emailed Maryann right away. She said I could use her platter idea and share it with you I’m super excited!

So here is the Memorial Day Flag Cookie Platter.

Memorial Day Flag Cookie Platter

  • Here is Maryann’s Memorial Day Flag Cookie Platter. She is such an amazing cookie decorator and her platters are spectacular! You should go look at all her platters on her Flickr page.
    Warning: If you look, you will lose all track of time so set an alarm to remind you to get the kiddos from school!
  • Maryann made all of her cookies out of stars and I love it! I wanted to use squares and stars because I didn’t think I’d be patient enough to make all those stars.
  • This is platter could be made out of circles or other cute shapes.
  • The idea is to arrange your cookies like a flag and people at your Memorial Day picnic or July 4th party will be amazed!



  • Cookies in the shape you want
  • Red, white and blue 15-second icing
  • A Boo Boo Stick (I can’t do anything with it!)

  • Figure out how many cookies of each color you will need and outline, flood, and let them dry so you’ll have beautiful cookies to work with.
  • When they’re completely dry you can arrange them on your platter.

The presentation is everything because you can take some simple cookies and make them amazing with the way you place them on a platter.
Here are some examples of presentation:

Johnna “The Polka-dot Zebra- Holly Wreath
Julia Usher- Jewelry Cookies
“Polka Dot Cookie”- Christening Centerpiece Jars
Bea “Cancun Cookies”- A Box of Kisses
Martha Stewart-Wedding Cookies
Callye “Sweet Sugar Belle”- Pizza Cookies
Pam “Cookie Crazy”- Mothers Day Cookies

Bear hugs,