Monkey Cookies with a Mickey Mouse Cutter

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When I was little I wanted a monkey. I wished for one every year on my birthday but, my wish never came true. Since my birthday was  yesterday, I made myself some monkey cookies. Now I can officially say my wish came true after all these years.Monkey Cookies by www.thebearfootbaker.comThese are simple to make and if you have a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, then you have the perfect cutter to make monkey cookies. Add let’s face it, monkeys faces are as cute as Mickey faces.

Monkey Cookies Supplies:

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter
Brown Icing- AmeriColor Chocolate Brown
#2 Tips
Flesh Color- Americolor Ivory and Chocolate Brown
Royal Icing Transfers- Heart, Eyes and Flower
AmeriColor Black Gel & Paintbrush for the smile

Before you begin making these cookies, you need to make a few royal icing transfers. You need a heart for the nose, 2 eyes and a flower for each monkey. You can also follow my “Template Tuesday” for more royal icing transfer patterns and templates. They are very handy for cookies like this.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot baker.comTo make the monkeys, cut out a Mickey Mouse cookie. Cut off one ear and move it to down to make it look like a monkey. In the picture, you will notice I cut off both ears but, after I made a few I realized I only need to move one.

I also got in a hurry and broke the mouse at the top of the photo but, I saved it by removing the broken ear and placed it with another ear I cut out of a small section of cookie dough. It worked perfectly.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot baker.comOnce your monkey cookies are baked, outline the mouth area with the flesh color with a #2 tip. To achieve this flesh color, I mixed a little AmeriColor Ivory then, added a tiny amount of Chocolate Brown until I got a color I liked.

Then, with the Chocolate Brown icing and a #2 tip, make the top of the head and outline the ears.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot baker.comNext, with the flesh color, outline and flood the face and ears. Let this dry for about 20 minutes or so before you move to the next step.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot Then, flood the mouth area with the flesh color and add the heart royal icing transfer for the nose.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot baker.comNext, flood the ears and head with the chocolate brown.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot baker.comTo add the royal transfer eyes, place a small drop of icing on the back of each transfer and place on the monkeys face. If you look at the first monkey cookie, you will not see any of the white icing used to glue them into place. If you look at the second monkey cookie, you will see a white edge around the eyes. You can make it either way.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot baker.comApply the flower by the ear the same way you applied the eyes and be careful not to use to much icing. The flower will not look good outlined by the flesh color.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot Next, with the paint brush and a tiny amount of black AmeriColor Gel, paint on the mouth. To see how to paint on a cookie, click here.

Monkey Cookies by the bearfoot baker.comI don’t know about you but, I’m bananas about these cookies! Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. Now, thanks to these little cookies, I finally got my childhood birthday wish.

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