My Favorite Icing Bowl

I know you will probably think I am obsessive when you read this. Well, I am!  I have 2 identical bowls I use for mixing my icing colors and I have convinced myself that I can’t make the right consistency of icing without them. I do not use them for anything else. They are for ICING ONLY!! Can you guess which bowl is my favorite?

I am not going to tell you which one it is until the end of this post!

I talked to a few cookie friends and asked them if they used the same bowl for mixing their icing colors and every one of them said, “YES!” I asked them why and their answers was very close to mine.

  1. I know how much icing to put in my bowl to fill my bag.
  2. I know how much water to add to get the consistency I want. I know about how many times to spray for outline icing and flood icing without thinking about it a lot. When you use the same bowl you just kinda know.
  3. I don’t have to worry about any grease residue in the bowl. If there is any grease at all it will make your icing splotchy and make you want to scream when it dries and it is all different colors! That can make you have a bad day!

Well, I guess I am not so weird after all since I am no the only one who has designated “icing bowls”. I even did a little experiment to see how my icing turned out when I used different bowls to mix it.

Here they are, 3 bowls almost the same size and a spray bottle to add water for mixing. Gail from One Tough Cookie found a way to add a little water at a time to your icing. She gives it a “shpritz”. You can easily control the amount of water you add. Gail told Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle about it and Callye told me and now I am telling you! Gail and Callye are the best!!

Now let’s get started!

Bowl #1: looks pretty good!

Bowl #2: Needs a little more water but I love that color!!!

Bowl #3: Looks good! I love this color also! Time to bag them and see how I did.

The green and the light blue have about the same amount of icing and the darker blue has a little more icing in it.

As far as the consistency goes, there is a little difference.

(Imagine Goldilocks here!)

The light green is a little too thin.

The light blue is a little too think.

The dark blue is just right! So my favorite icing bowl is:

The one with the little moose on it! My mother-in-law got me 2 of them for Christmas a few years ago. I love them and don’t know what I am going to do if they break! I guess I might have to stop decorating cookies!!! Just kidding!

Seriously though, get yourself a bowl you like and use it for icing only. Use it every time you mix your icing and you will be surprised how much more consistent it is. I promise, it really does work.

Happy Creating,