Never Give Up!

Well, it’s a new year! Get ready to retrain your brain to write 2012 for the next 364 days. It is hard to believe another year has come and gone. I have been thinking about resolutions and I don’t seem to have one this year. I decided not to make a promise to myself just because the calendar has started at the beginning again.

I have been thinking a lot about hard work and determination. Everything I want in 2012 is within my reach if I work hard and keep working hard. So I made myself a couple of signs to hang on my refrigerator and put in my office. It is a reminder that I guess I will call my 2012 resolution. I got an idea from Pinterest. I thought you might like a shot of encouragement for the new year so I have made several printable signs in different colors for you. Hope you reach all your goals this year.

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Resolution 1

Resolution 2

Resolution 3

Resolution 4

Resolution 5

Resolution 6

Resolution 7