Olive You My Cute Little Valentine

Olive You My Cute Little Valentine! Do you like olives? I don’t. Is that weird? I feel like I should like them, but I totally take them off the pizza and put them in a nice little pile on my plate. Now if olives have candy eyes and cute little cheeks, well then I’d eat them. What does that say about me? Does that say I’m totally hooked on sugar cookies? Probably. 

Let’s take a closer look and see if we can figure out why olives don’t taste as good as sugar cookies. Maybe if I hot glue some candy eyes, cheeks and make some eyelashes maybe that will work. 

Olive You My Cute Little Valentine - Sugar Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

Supplies for the Olive You My Little Valentine:
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Cookie Cutter:

Royal Icing:

  • Olive Green – Mix a little Wilton Juniper Green, a very small amount of (like one tiny drop) of Americolor Chocolate Brown, and Americolor Electric Green- just add a little at a time until you get the olive green color you want.
  • Red- AmeriColor Super Red or you can use Tulip Red so you don’t have a bitter taste.


  • Tipless Decorating Bags
  • Decorating Tip – I used a #2 tip, but the size doesn’t matter because you are using the end that attaches to the coupler to place the pattern on the cookie. Dip the wide end of the tip into the icing and place it on the cookie where you want the pimento.
  • Turkey Lacer
  • Food Safe Pen to draw the eyelashes and the mouth

Royal Icing Candy:
(make these ahead of time so they’ll be dry when you’re ready to use them.)

Olive You Sprinkles | The Bearfoot Baker

Olive You My Little Valentine | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Use the wide end of the decorating tip to place the circle onto the cookie. The circle won’t be perfect, but that’s okay because you’ll make it pretty when you fill it in with the red royal icing.

Olive You | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Fill the inside of the circle and let it dry completely.

Olive You Valentine | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Outline the olive with the green royal icing.
  • Flood the olive cookie with the green royal icing and let it dry completely. 

Olive You Little Valentine | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Once the icing has dried, draw a few eyelashes with the black food safe marker
  • Next, glue the candy eyes on with the royal icing.

Olive You My Little Valentine Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Next, draw the smile and glue the cheeks in place. 

Olive You My Cute Little Valentine Video:

Look at those cute little eyes! I think they’re adorable and I wished real olives tasted like sugar cookies!

Olive You My Cute Little Valentine - Sugar Cookies | The Bearfoot Baker

So olive cookies are way better than real olives in my opinion. If I could we’d all get a giant box of olive sugar cookies and we’d be happy as can be on Valentine’s Day! 

Bear hugs,