This has Been One of the Best Summers Ever!

How’s your summer going? Is it the one of your best summers ever? Are you relaxing and hanging out with your kids or grandkids? Are you planting beautiful flowers? Baking summer goodies for friends and family? I hope you’re doing something you love and having a blast while doing it!

Best Summer Horseback Riding | The Bearfoot Baker Best summers ever include going horseback riding with a bunch of amazing kids in the beautiful mountains on a perfect summer day! I’m not sure how many kids come to camp so they can go horseback riding but I know it’s a lot. This is definitely one of camps favorite things to do. 

One of the Best Summers Ever:

This summer has been really full for me. It’s all good news, but some of it has been a bit hard to handle. My oldest son and his family lived about 45 minutes from us so I’d pick up the grandkids as often as I could and they’d sleepover. Well, my dear sweet Chase accepted a job offer which required him and his family to move to Georgia.

It’s really exciting for them, but really hard on a Nana and Pops who won’t get to have weekly sleepovers! We won’t get to see them as often so we’ve all tried to squeeze in as much time as we could before they left. Now they are living close to Atlanta and I’m trying to figure out ways to invent a cookie helicopter that will fly me to their house anytime I need a hug from the grandkids. So far, I’m having problems with the motor working! I guess I’ll have to learn how to adjust. Sigh. Happy for them and the new adventure they are on, but sad for the Nana and Pops!

Sometimes when I scroll Instagram I see awesome pictures of the grandkids that my son and daughter-in-law post and this one has become one of my favorites.
Best Summer Ever with this Adorable Girl | The Bearfoot Baker

Here is what her mommy said about the picture:
“Brooke moved to Georgia, got a Mini (temporary) tattoo, and generally decided to become an outlaw (of nap time).”
Look at that sweet little face!

Best Summer Ever Fishing with this Kid | The Bearfoot Baker

Tripp and I like to go fishing together. Usually we catch a few small fish but the only thing he caught was a mule! As he was pulling the lure out of the water he pulled the pole really hard and it hit my Kawasaki Mule. Catching a mule instead of a fish helps make this one of the Best summers ever! Look at that sweet little face! Awesome memory!

One of the Best Summers Ever | The Bearfoot Baker

Aren’t these girls adorable!  They are really good paddle boarders and have a lot of fun even when they fall in the lake. 

Best Summer Ever | The Bearfoot Baker

Okay. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so what does this picture say to you? LOL I think we need to work a little harder on teaching the campers how to steer a canoe!

One of the Best Summers July 4th Fireworks Show!

One camp tradition is putting on a fireworks show for the kids. This year someone who lives in the our community donated a bunch of fireworks to make this the best show we’ve ever had. It was seriously amazing and we loved every minute of it.

Best Summer Ever with July 4th Fireworks | The Bearfoot Baker

Just look at our staff!

Best Summer July 4th Fireworks Snow | The Bearfoot Baker

Can you tell they like it? LOL

Since camp has been really busy, I haven’t been working on the blog as much as I like, but those days are almost over. I’m back in the kitchen working on a plan for back to school, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas designs, free ebooks, and a few other things I want to tell you about. I’ll be making an announcement soon about something I’ve been working on. I’m almost ready to share it with you, but I still need to tweak it a bit. Hopefully I’ll be ready in the next few days! 

Enjoy your summer and be on the look out for that announcement!

Bear hugs,