Owl Always Love You!

No, I am not singing a Whitney Huston song. I like ya too much to do that to you. I can’t carry a tune in a bucket!

I was thrilled when Callye aka SweetSugarBelle asked me to make an owl cookie bag topper for her. She is an amazing decorator and has taught me SOOOO Much!! I did a back flip when she started her blog! She is such an inspiring person and I am blessed to have her in my life!

For an amazing owl cookie tutorial head on over to SweetSugarBelle then, come back here and print the cookie bag toppers.

Owl know it will make you happy!! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

Click here to download your FREE printable PDF file.

Click here to download your FREE printable PNG file with transparent background.

This is good if you want to print on paper with a background like scrapbook paper.

Just print, cut on the dotted lines, and fold in half. You will have nice little toppers for your treat bags. I use treat bags from Hobby Lobby. They are made by Sunny Side Up Bakery and are 3.75″ x 6″. Feel free to print these any size you need for your bags. I learned how to assemble my treat bags from Glorious Treats. The only difference is I fold mine in half.

I am not kidding when I tell you  that Callye and I have planned this post of  a few days. Tonight when I was coming home my daughter saw an owl one the telephone wire. I came home, grabbed the camera and went down the street and snapped this photo.

Even he wants a cookie!!

Happy Creating,