Parchment Paper Cones with a How to Video

Have you ever used parchment paper cones? I don’t use them all the time but sometimes they come in handy. When I first started decorating and wasn’t sure of how to make the right icing consistency, so I would use parchment paper cones to test it before I added them to the decorating bags. It saved a lot of time and stress knowing how the icing was going to fall and I didn’t waste time mixing the icing, placing it in bags only to find out it is too thick or too thin. Testing it first really helped me learn what type of consistency I needed.

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Now I use them when I only need one color or if I am writing on a cookie. They’re great little tools you can make yourself so you might want to consider adding them to your decorating supplies. They are disposable which makes clean up really easy. Want to learn how to make them? It is so easy!

Supplies for Parchment Paper Cones:

Parchment paper

Parchment paper is available in several different shapes. You can purchase it on a roll, in sheets and or you can get it in triangles that are ready to be made into parchment paper cones. I usually buy the sheets to line my cookie sheets when baking cookies. Since I already buy the sheets, I just give them a trim and make several parchment paper cones to have on hand when I bring them home from the store. It is kind of like putting up groceries. If you make them as soon as you get the parchment sheets, they are right at your fingertips when it is time to use them. You can make a lot of them in just a few minutes and it’s very easy. Here, let me show you how.

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  1. Start with a piece of parchment paper.
  2. Fold the left top corner over to make a triangle.
  3. Trim off the excess at the bottom.
  4. Unfold the square.
  5. Cut along the folded line.
  6. Now you should have 2 triangles.

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Now it is time to make the cone:

  1. Position the triangle where the shortest point is pointing at you.
  2. Lift the right side of the triangle and bend the tip under as you place it on top of the tip that is pointing to you.
  3. Hold it in place while you do the same to the other side.
  4. Grab the left side and fold the tip under and place it on the backside of the tip facing you.
  5. Now that your parchment paper cone is in the proper shape, we need to secure it.

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Lock it all into place:

  1. I know this may sound a little odd but trust me. Lift the cone and rub your fingers against your thumb with the parchment paper in between adjusting the tip (the part where the icing comes out) to a fine point. This movement is going to tighten the parchment paper at the bottom of the cone to make it nice and tight for fine lines.
  2. Once you get the parchment paper cone where it has a small hole in the tip, rip and fold it the cone at the top where your fingers are holding it together.
  3. Make another small tear and fold it over.
  4. This will hold your cone in place until you are ready to decorate.
  5. Once you make several cones, just slip them inside each other. You know, like a stack of ice cream cones. You can store them in a container or in a small box so they don’t get smashed.

Here is a video to help you see how to make them.

See. I told you they were easy to make!

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When you are ready to use them, place one in a cup or jar and add some icing. I have a tendency to overfill things and these aren’t very forgiving when they are too full. The icing will seep out of the top as you squeeze the bag. Remember, less is more in this case.

Parchment Paper Cones with a How to Video

Once the icing is in the bag, fold or roll down the top.

Parchment Paper Cones with a How to Make them Video via

Simple little parchment paper cones make decorating easy but remember what I said about overfilling the bag? Look what I did. I added too much icing. But that is alright since parchment paper cones are disposable. Just decorate and toss them in the trash.

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They are perfect for projects like this. The white part of the cookie was decorated one day and the next day I added the yellow centers. It was really easy to pour the icing in the cone and not worry about couplers and tips.

Parchment Paper Cones with How to Make them Video via

I like things that make my life easy and these parchment paper cones do just that. I hope you make some and save yourself some time washing out those decorating tips.

Bear hugs,