Patriotic Rosette Cookies

Simple Patriotic Rosette Cookies

I have a very important job on the 4th of July every year. I am on of the “Official Fireworks Lighters!” (I know that is not a real thing but, let me feel special and important!) Every year at camp we have a 4th of July fireworks show. We set up a table at the lake, play loud music, eat watermelon, and make S’mores and hang out with the most amazing staff EVER! There are only a selected few that get to hold a torch and light the magical wick that fizzles down and makes beautiful lights in the sky. I am one of those people.While everyone is laughing and talking, the chosen ones move to the table that is set up on the opposite side of the lake and fight over the best torch!

Simple Patriotic Rosette Cookies

Last year, my son Tylor (who is 23) came to help. Well, let’s just say I am glad there was a lake he could jump into because one of my magical boom boxes fell over and I shot him with a very large roman candle thingy. He was ok but missing some leg hair! I never understood why boys have hairy legs anyway.

I am not sure if I am going to get to hold my position as an “Official Fireworks Lighter” or not this year. I think if you shoot someone, the torch is taken away. I am trying to convince my husband that I will be careful and jump in front of any flaming object that is going to hit someone. To show him how much I want to keep my title, I am going to make some patriotic cookies.

 Let’s start off with some circle cookies on a stick. Everything is better on a stick.

 For this project, I used stiff icing. You want it thick enough to hold it’s shape.  I made red, white and blue and used 101 and 102 Wilton tips. I prefer the 102 but I only had two of them.

Patriotic-Rosettes-2Now, with your thick red icing, hold the fat side of the rose tip away from you. Hold it slightly above the cookie and apply a little pressure and let the icing build up a little without moving the tip.

Then, gradually begin to pull the bag toward you as you continue to apply pressure. As you get close to the center of the cookie, gently decrease the pressure until you reach the edge. This is the same technique I used to make my Daisy Cookies. Now let these dry for several hours.

Repeat the sames steps with the white and blue icing. Allow drying time between each color.

Next, add a white dot to the center of the blue and you are all done! Wait, I want to show you something!

I have a new favorite cup. Look at those cute little cups with ice cream in them! They are called Brioche Baking cups and they are great for ice cream! They can hold one scoop of ice cream perfectly. I got them and the cupcake liners from  Bakers Stock just in case you are looking for some pretty cup cake liners.

I will let you know this week if I get to help with the fireworks or if I have lost my torch!  I think that could be some kind of new reality TV show! “Lisa, Pleas turn in your torch!” I think I will go eat a cookie now.

Happy Creating,