Pineapple Cookies Made Easy

How to Make and Airbrush Pineapple Cookies via
Airbrushed Pineapple Cookies via

Have you ever really looked at a pineapple? There are many, many colors and textures in the outer layer. I know I could never make pineapple cookies look real but, I can capture a more realistic look with the help of airbrush gun.

Pineapple Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerYou only have to make one color for the body and thick green icing for the top and ta-da, you will have a pretty cool pineapple cookie.

Supplies for Pineapple Cookies:

Pick a cute pieapple cutter cutter like this one or this one.
Lemon Yellow 15 Second Icing
Light Brown Icing (optional) 15 Second Icing
Thick Leaf Green icing
#2 Tip
Leaf Tip #352
Airbrush Gun
AmeriColor Airbrush Colors:

  • Leaf Green
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Warm Brown

Pineapple Cookies by The Bearfoot BakerFirst, outline the pineapple with the light brown icing and #2 tip. I am going to be totally honest with you. You can use the lemon yellow icing if you want. I used the light brown but, it got covered up by the yellow icing and the airbrushing. Next time I will use the yellow.

Then, airbrush the top area with the leaf green AmeriColor Airbrush Color. If you want to know how to use an airbrush gun, click here.

Pineapple Cookies by The Bearfoot Baker

I wanted to share this picture with you really fast. I airbrushed all the green in this photo while on this baking sheet. As you can see, the airbrush isn’t messy or didn’t leave a messy residue on my white parchment paper. If you are worried about getting an airbrush system because they are messy, you shouldn’t. If you are still worried you can can use this tutorial to about my airbrush station to keep the mess away.

Remember to rinse your airbrush in between each colors or your colors will look muddy.

Pineapple Cookies by The Bearfoot Baker

Lets pretend the first cookie is the last cookie in this photo. I don’t know why I reversed them:/ Sorry!  Anyway, flood every other section with the lemon yellow icing. Let it dry for a few minutes then flood the remaining spaces. Let that dry for a couple of hours before you airbrush them.

Pineapple Cookies by The Bearfoot Baker

Next, airbrush the entire body of the pineapple with the lemon yellow AmeriColor Airbrush color.

Pineapple Cookies by The Bearfoot Baker

Remember when you sprayed the top outline sections green? Use that as a pattern to spray the edges of that section leaf green.
Then, lightly airbrush the lower left part of the pineapple with warm brown.
Next, spray the edges of every section with warm brown including the green ones.

Pineapple Cookies by The Bearfoot Baker

Now with the #352 leaf tip, make the leaves. Start at the top of the pineapple and pull towards the tip if the cookie without stopping. Airbrush one edge of each leaf with leaf green.


Pineapple Cookies by The Bearfoot Baker

Pineapples are my favorite fruit and have always reminded me of Hawaii. I guess I dream of going there to picking my own from a field that looks like this. And then we can go to a beach and sit in the sun while we eat it. After, we can go surfing. Oh, wait. I tried that once and kept getting hit in the head with the board. It kinda hurt so let’s skip that part and go eat some more pineapples.

Did you know when you buy a pineapple, you are supposed to turn it up side down for at least 30 minutes so the juice and sugar at the bottom will run back through the fruit. It will make it much sweeter when you eat it. My aunt taught me this after a trip to Hawaii.

So what’s your favorite fruit?

Bear hugs,