Popcorn Ball Spider with Chocolate Jimmies

Sometimes you get an idea and you think it is good. Then, you start to turn that idea into a reality and it doesn’t go quite like you planned. So what’s a girl to do? Grab some Chocolate Jimmies and sprinkle them on your chocolate popcorn ball spider of course.

Chocolate Popcorn Ball Spiders via thebearfootbaker.comI have been planning on making these popcorn ball spiders for a while now but, I hurt my lower back and it has slowed me down a bit. It is getting better every day but, I am mad that it interfered with my Halloween baking and planning. Even with a hurt back, these are easy to make. All you need is chocolate, chocolate jimmies and a few other things.

Supplies for Chocolate Popcorn Ball Spiders:

Popcorn Balls- you can buy them already made or use my recipe here
Royal Icing Eyes
Chocolate Jimmies
Mini marshmallows

Simple Popcorn Ball Spiders via thebearfootbaker.comMy original idea was to use small marshmallows and pretzels for the legs and large marshmallows for the head. I didn’t’  like the way it looked because the spiders body was bumpy and the head was smooth. So I decided to make a head by breaking up a large popcorn ball and reshaping it into 3 smaller balls.

Once the ball is broken up, melt the larger marshmallows with a little butter. Melt it in the microwave as if you were making Rice Krispie Treats. Add the popcorn and shape into spider heads. One large popcorn ball makes 3 heads.

Cute Chocolate Popcorn Ball Spiders via thebearfootbaker.comFor the legs, break a pretzel in half and stick the ends into a mini marshmallow to form a spider leg. Then, add a marshmallow to the ends of the pretzels for the feet and joint by the body. Dip in melted Chocolate.

For the body, poke a wooden skewer into a ball and dip it into melted chocolate.

Easy Chocolate Popcorn Balls with thebearfootbaker.comRepeat for the head. Attach the head to the body while the chocolate is wet. Place it in the refrigerator if you need to let it set up.

As I looked at Mr. Spider, I wasn’t crazy about how he looked. So what does a girl do? Hide things with chocolate jimmies and make him look a little hairy. I think it worked.

Let’s pretend I took a picture of Mr. Spider with the chocolate jimmies. All you have to do is add a second coat of chocolate to the body and head. Add the royal icing eyes and sprinkle with the chocolate jimmies. Let it set up before you add the legs. Chill in the refrigerator if needed.

Simple Popcorn Ball Spiders with thebearfootbaker.comNext, add four legs to each side of the body with a little chocolate. Let it dry.

Chocolate Popcorn Ball Spider by thebearfootbaker.comI think the Chocolate Jimmies worked don’t you? If you buy popcorn balls from the store, your spider will be a little on the large side. The next time I make these I will make the popcorn balls instead of buying them so I can make them smaller. If you don’t want to make the legs, you could use licorice or other candy.

I think candy legs will work well if you want to bag these as treats. If you don’t want you popcorn balls covered in chocolate, you could just add a chocolate spider likes these.

Bear hugs,