President’s Day Fun Facts with Cookies

I wanted to do something a little different for President’s Day this year. I am a kid at heart and wanted to make a fun game. Well, a game with Fun Facts about our Presidents. I am not a history major. I found these answers online and baked up a batch of cookies. I have listed the source so you can read for yourself or make a game of your own.

President's Day

Did you know that one of our presidents had 2 bear cubs that lived on the lawn of the White House? Or did you know that one of our presidents owned an American Alligator and another one owned 2 crocodiles? Which president liked pretzels? Well, with this Fun Facts about our Presidents post, you can find out. And you better believe we are going to use cookies for this game!

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comPresident's Day thebearfootbaker.comSo here is how the President’s Day Fun Facts Game works:

  1. First, find fun facts about the presidents.
  2. Make cookies that will answer the questions.
  3. Place the cookies in these cute bags. I placed my in these treat bags first so they would stay fresh and wouldn’t make grease spots on the cute bags.
  4. Make cute little tags for the bag with the question on it.

These idea can be used for a trivia game for a birthday party, a bridal shower, a baby shower or even a Christmas trivia game. Now, you know me, if you use this idea, I would LOVE for you to send me some pictures. You all are way smarter then me and I am giddy about your creativity.

Now lets play!

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comWhat was one of George W. Bush’s Favorite Snacks? It kinda takes the fun out of it when I show you the picture at the same time I ask the question. Source

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comWhat snack did Ronald Reagan have at the White House? As a matter of fact, when Ronald Reagan had three and a half tons of Jelly Belly beans shipped to the White House for his presidential inauguration in 1981. After the ball, Reagan regularly kept jelly beans on hand to munch on and offer to visitors. Source

He also gave President Bill Clinton a jar of red, white and blue Anchorbeans. Source

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comBenjamin Harrison was the first president to have electricity in the White House. Source

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comHe was also the first President to have a Christmas Tree in the White House. Source.

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comThomas Jefferson had 2 bear cubs that lived on the White House lawn. I don’t know if they were black bears or not but, you have to admit, that is kinda weird! Source

I can’t help but wonder why he had them. It would be a good way to get your kids interested in history! Hint hint.

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comRutherford B Haynes was the first president to use a phone. What was his number? You got it! It was 1. Source

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comPresident Gerald Ford liked fruit. I just made strawberries cause I read here they were his favorite.

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comCalvin Coolidge had a pygmy hippo named Billy.You can read about Billy here. President Coolidge had a lot of pets and you can see the list here. He had a bobcat, 2 lion cubs, a wallaby and many more. Billy was by far the most famous and was invited to the 1939’s New York World’s Fair.

Hippo tutorial here.

President's Day thebearfootbaker.comLast one and I will let you go make your own President’s Day cookies. I am not going to give you the answer this time.

What president owned an American Alligator? What President owned 2 crocodiles? Alligator tutorial here.

If you have any fun facts about our presidents, or if you have met a president, I would love you to leave me a comment about it.

Happy President’s Day,