Pretzel Reindeer for Christmas

Have you been surfing Pinterest lately? Have you seen the yard reindeer decorations made from logs and branches? The more I saw them the more I knew I had to make an edible version. Then it hit me! We could make some pretzel reindeer just in time for Christmas.

Fun Pretzel Reindeer | The Bearfoot Baker

These edible reindeer are very simple to make and all you need is a few pretzels, some royal icing, and a red candy Sixlet for the nose.

Supplies for Pretzel Reindeer:

1 Pretzel Rod
4 Pretzel Sticks
1 Pretzel Stick cut in half
Brown Royal Icing
1 Red Sixlet
Sharp Knife

Cake Pop Stick or Pretzel to help hold the legs and nose in place while the royal icing dries.

Pretzel Reindeer for Christmas | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Each pretzel reindeer takes one pretzel rod, 4 pretzel sticks, one pretzel stick cut in half, and one red or black candy Sixlet.

Easy Pretzel Reindeer | The Bearfoot Baker

Cut the pretzel rod into pieces in the following sizes:

  • You will need a piece that is 3″ long.
  • You’ll also need one that is 2″ long.
  • Cut the remaining piece for the neck by angling the ends like in the image above.

Simple Pretzel Reindeer | The Bearfoot Baker

  • Use the royal icing to glue the head, neck, and body together.
  • Place the deer on a flat surface so you can glue it on the legs and nose.
  • To assemble the pretzel reindeer legs you need to dip one end of the pretzel stick into the icing and place it under the neck area on the reindeer body.
  • Repeat for the leg in the back.
  • Place a cookie pop stick on the two back legs. Be gentle so you don’t knock the legs off the body.
  • Dip another pretzel stick into the royal icing and attach it to the reindeer’s body beside the first leg. Lay it across the cookie pop stick so it will dry with space in between the legs. This will help your pretzel reindeer stand after it has dried completely. Make sure the feet are even so the deer won’t fall over.
  • Repeat for the back leg.
  • Let it dry overnight.

For the nose and antlers:

  • Use the royal icing to glue the candy Sixlet on the end of the face.
  • Use the royal icing to glue on the antlers. You can use full pretzel sticks but I found it harder to get the deer to balance. Once they were cut in half, the balance issue was fixed.

Fun Pretzel Reindeer | The Bearfoot BakerMaking edible treats for the kids or treats to use for your Christmas table decorations is easy. All you need is a Pinterest account and some imagination. It doesn’t hurt to have a little helper either. My grandson was going to toss some snow up into the air so it would look as if it was snowing when I took the picture. Things didn’t go quite as planned but we did capture a video memory.


I learned a lesson from this tutorial. We need to make sure the target you are trying to photograph isn’t placed on an unsteady foam board when you let your little helper toss the snow. It didn’t bother Tripp. He continued to cover the deer until we ran out of fake snow. Then he got a haircut and took a bath. It was a good Friday morning at Nana’s house. 😉

Bear hugs,