How to Make Purple Ladybug Cookies

Do you like ladybugs? I hope so because we’re going to make ladybug cookies because I’ve always liked them. Well, that was until I moved into the house I’m living in now because they invade every fall. You might be asking yourself what I mean when I say invade so I’ll explain. Each winter ladybugs hibernate and it usually takes place in the crack of a rock, tree, or the cracks in my house. I didn’t know my house had cracks until the ladybugs started showing up.

Now that I’ve explained the ladybug invasion you can guess why these ladybugs are purple. I still like ladybugs and the red ones are really cute, but I wanted to change things up and instead of looking at the red ones all the time so I thought it would be nice to look at purple cookies this time. Also, these are some of the cookies from the set I dreamed about. I’m almost ready to share the entire set with you so stay tuned because it will happen soon.

The Bearfoot Baker, sugar cookies, royal icing, airbrushed sugar cookies, airbrushed cookies

Until then, I hope you enjoy purple airbrushed ladybug cookies.

How to Make Ladybug Cookies Supply List:
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Cookie Cutter:

  • Ladybug Cookie Cutter- This Purple Ladybug Cookie was made with a 2″ ladybug cookie cutter from Country Kitchen Sweetart. You might already own a cutter that will work like the Sweet Sugarbelle’s Skull Cookie Cutter or Wilton’s Skull Cookie Cutter. If you don’t have any of these cutters you can use a bear cookie cutter if you trim off an ear. Here’s how you can do that.


ladybug cookie cutter, bear cookie cutter, sugar cookie, royal icing

  • It’s really easy to get creative with your cutters if you study them for a few minutes because something you didn’t see will appear as you look. This is a perfect example because a bear or Mickey Mouse cutter can easily be transformed into a ladybug simply by cutting off an ear.

Royal Icing:

Airbrush System:

Airbrush Colors:

Royal Icing Transfers
(make these ahead of time so they’ll dry completely)


  • Turkey Lacer
  • Tipless Decorating Bags- The Flour Box and The Cookie Countess
  • Optional- Piping tips for the outline icing- PME 1.5’s and 2’s. You don’t have to use them if you don’t want, but I wanted to share how I’ve been doing it so you’d know.
  • #352 Leaf Tip

How to Make Ladybug Cookies Video:

Purple Ladybug Cookies:

ladybug cookies, sugar cookies, royal icing, The Bearfoot Baker, bug cookies

  • Outline the ladybugs head with the thick outline black royal icing consistency and let it dry for a few minutes.
  • Use a turkey lacer to push the icing into place.
  • Next, make the little upside-down “V” in the center bottom. You can pipe it or paint on the thick outline consistency black royal icing. I like to paint it on so it will look like it’s below the wings and add a little depth.
  • I forgot to show the piped line to separate the wings so you should add that now.
  • Let the icing dry.

sugar cookies, royal icing, ladybug cookies, The Bearfoot Baker, bug cookies, airbrushed cookies

  • Outline the ladybug cookies with the purple outline consistency royal icing and let it dry for a few minutes so the wings don’t run together.
  •  Flood one of the wings with the purple flood royal icing.
  • Add one or more of the black royal icing dots you made ahead of time or you can wait until the purple royal icing dries and pipe a few black dots with the outline royal icing.

airbrushed sugar cookies, airbrushed cookies, sugar cookies, royal icing, The Bearfoot Baker

  • Repeat for the second wing and get ready to airbrush so your cute purple ladybug cookies will have a bit of a personality.
  • I chose The Cookie Countess Positively Purple Airbrush Color because it’s beautiful!

Airbrush Time:

ladybug cookies, royal icing, sugar cookies, cookie decorating, decorated cookies, The Bearfoot Baker

  • Airbrush the edges of the ladybug cookies and down the center in between the wings so it will look nice and airbrushed. If you want a darker look like these you can airbrush a second coat after the first has had a few minutes to dry. Sometimes when you airbrush cookies doing it twice and allowing the first coat to dry will make the cookies look clean without the color bleeding or running on your icing.
  • Use a little royal icing to glue on the flower and add a few leaves with a #352 piping tip.

airbrushed sugar cookies, sugar cookies, decorated sugar cookies, cookie decorating, royal icing

Now you have the purple ladybug cookies so we’re one cookie closer to the dream set. I can’t wait to show you the rest so I’ve got another cookie to share tomorrow that goes along well with these purple little guys. So if you have plans be sure to make time to stop by and check it out.

Bear hugs,